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Home Staging In Today’s Real Estate Market

Interior Design / May 3, 2018 / Milena Montanez.

Selling your house can be a tiring and time-consuming process that’s why many sellers use home staging to make their home more attractive for prospective buyers. Dealing with strangers running around the home at inconvenient times is usually enough of an annoyance. Also, you are also forced to keep the house clean on all occasions, for prospective buyers might drop in any time.

Anyone who’s ever sold a house would know that it’s best if you can close the deal quickly. However, to do that you need to stage your home, even if you have recently refurbished it. The reason for this is because when you redecorate your home; you focus on what you (the seller) want. Home staging is a means for you, the current owner, to rearrange the furniture to create your house look more appealing to the prospective buyer.

As a seller, you need to do the home staging before putting your home on the market. If you should skip this significant step, you may well leave things on display, such as the children’s artwork, the trophy’s, the knick-knacks from all the favorite vacation spots.

These items are precious to you and your family, but may very well come across to, the prospective buyer, just as junk and clutter. Why in today’s, real estate market, it is a common practice for real estate agents to hire home stagers, as part of the selling package, for they are often uncomfortable disclosing to, you the owner, that your home needs work.

The primary objective of the home stager is to look at the house and its belongings from the buyer’s perspective to help the buyer see themselves, and also so that they can then view their favorite belongings fitting into this new house perfectly. Stagers can never be sure of specific buyer needs or whims, so they usually rearrange things trying to appeal to a broad base of purchasers.

However, hiring a house stager to do the home staging can prove to be a costly process, so by just following the following home staging tips, you will find you can do the job yourself and save much money.

Try and cut the clutter from your house, first. Try and look at the furniture’s, wall hangings from a new/neutral point of view. Stowaway things that you don’t need, in decorative boxes in the storeroom. Keep your bookcases, neat, well dusted and slightly ornamented. It would help if you cleaned out the closets properly, stacking away off-seasonal clothes in the storage room.

While emphasizing more on keeping things clean, don’t forget to concentrate on the lighting. While showing people around, make sure to keep the rooms well lit, using a few ambient lights, and staying away from fluorescent or harsh lights. Make the foyer, bright and cheerful, for that is bound to create the first impression in the buyer’s mind. Replace the lamps of dimly lit rooms with bulbs of higher wattage.

Replace personal photos and mementos with prints and generalized stuff, to avoid distractions and to allow them to feel at home, mentally. Painting the house in neutral colors like Tans, sages, and beige is a must. You can use other similar colors with some different colored accessories like rugs, candles, and pillows. Put some nice finishing touches like soft music, air freshener, fresh flowers in a vase, ambient lighting during a showing.

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