CacheCrazy.Com: March 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Geocache Maintenance Surprise

Cache maintenance has a few surprises every now and then that goes beyond a feeling of contentment knowing that it's ready for finding . Sometimes it's what you find in the cache, other times it's the condition and every now and then it's something else, something special, like magic.

Rewind to Friday of last week. I get a message that Shaggy is nowhere to be found by a really good cacher and friend TaranWanderer at GC28ZCH, Giants Despair. My first thought was, "BUMMER MAN, Shaggy missing! $H!T!". He's been there since May of 2010 and about to have a second birthday.
I figured that I better check it out.

TaranWanderer said in his log, "Didn't find it Didn't find it - Spent about 30 min trying, but was unable to locate this one. Maybe Shaggy has shagged out!

On Saturday, I stopped by on my way to the restaurant and sure enough, he was not in his "nook" and the feeling of despair came over me. Maybe Shaggy did as TaranWanderer said, maybe he just "shagged out"! It had to be replaced. The cache is a part of the Scooby Doo Where Are You series. Each member of Mystery Inc is attached to their cache. In this case of course it was Shaggy. He was special to me because of his great sense of humor, his easy going attitude and I loved his CacheCrazy.Com tee-shirt. All I kept thinking about was his awesome guest blog and the fun we've had. Now he was gone and never to be seen again. I searched the general area thinking maybe a critter carried it away and dropped it but nothing doing. Muggled! A tear welled up in my eye.

This morning (Sunday) I put together a replacement cache. I was sure to get the correct secret code under the lid (you need to find the whole gang, write down the secret code under the cache lid and decode the puzzle to find the final, The Mystery Machine). I filled it up with swag, log book and pencil. It looked so plain in comparison to Shaggy's original cache but, it would have to do for now.

The feeling something similar to a funeral set in as I walked the pleasant trail to the cache. I decided to take a picture of the replacement cache to post on the cache page along with a big picture of Shaggy with "MISSING - REWARD" on it. This sucked big time! But while I was taking the replacement cache photo a strange thing happened. While focusing in on that picture (a little away from GZ) something caught my eye. Could it be????? YES, it was Shaggy! My man it's good to see you!

The cache container was pretty much empty, the log was full and everything needed a little TLC. I was just happy to have the original to refurbish. Shaggy was happy to see me too. We talked and laughed awhile, I parted out the replacement cache to fill the container with swag, replaced the log, made sure it was all wiped down and tight before I placed him back in his "nook". After a quick high five, I was off to work happy as could be! What a wonderful surprise!

You know, come to think of it, I thought I heard a very small voice say, "Hey man, like take it easy and next time bring me a tripledecker turkey, ham and bologna sandwich man, I'm like starving in here!"

But, that's just crazy, right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello my caching friends! Bloodhounded here!
I'm not gonna lie to ya, I haven't been out caching for like ever! I still have a great interest in it but my time outdoors has been consumed with mountain biking and fishing these days! I have several caches that are still active but my maintenance is disappointing! I'm making it a point to vist all of them in the coming weeks to add a fresh log, change out a few containers, add some swag and replace them so their good for the summer at least! That's a promise!

CacheCrazy.Com has also suffered. At one time we were reaching thousands per day in it's prime! We have over 900 archived articles written by cachers and so many great photos and stories it's almost a shame to just let them sit out there in nowhere land unseen by new cachers and enjoyed by others. So, I'm going to run a month or so of reruns for everyone to enjoy!

In July of 2016 the URL CacheCrazy.Com expires. I'll likely renew it for a year but I'm thinking it may be better off in the hands of some people who still cache. We'll see how it goes? But, for now enjoy some of our adventures from day's gone by and feel free to comment.

Thanks for all the fun!
Kevin aka Bloodhounded  


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