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Monday, June 22, 2015

So Thomas Edison, A Pilgrim And A Geocacher Walk Into A Bar...

After finding my 700th cache the other week, I've been determined to challenge myself a little more.  I'm looking to up the ante a little bit.  I'm willing to fore go the larger quantity of par and sub-par caches, in order to concentrate on those which require some mental and/or physical fortitude to log a find.  There are also several challenge caches out there which I'd like to log.  (That's challenge caches, not geocaching challenges.  I STILL refuse to kiss a frog.)  To do that, I need to spread my wings a little bit.

One cache I'm looking to work on is the "Can You Spell GO NEPAG?" cache.  In order to fulfill the requirements, I still need several cache types.  Although  I know some will be more difficult that others, upon scouring the map, I realized I could pick up one or two I didn't have.  Then I figured, challenge cache or not, wouldn't it be cool to see how many I could pick up in the same day?

The nearest cache which fit the criteria for the NEPAG challenge was GC9090-Port Jervis-Two Step.  Being only a slight detour from my daily trip from Wilkes-Barre, PA to Sussex County, NJ, my mind was made up.  Off to Port Jervis, NY!

My first cache find of the day was GC1KK3Y-Tracks of the Past, an Unknown cache by fellow NEPAG'er CaptainMath.  This was a pretty cool cache, in that it takes you to a railroad station, a locomotive, and display which gives you an overview of the history of railroads in Port Jervis.  Being a fan of trains, it was easy for me to like this cache!

Next on the agenda was GC2A174-TST4 The Pine Box.  This cache is of the Letterbox Hybrid variety, and is located in a cemetery.  For some reason, I enjoy doing offset caches, as I have an odd curiosity for projecting waypoints.  I chatted with a caretaker, when was curious as to what I was doing.  I explained geocaching, and went into a little bit of detail about letterboxing.  Did you know letterboxing can trace its roots back to 1850's England?

It was now time for the Port Jervis Two-Step.  Technically this was a Virtual Cache, but this had shades of a multi-cache, as well.  The cache took me to several locations of historical note in Port Jervis, one of which was the Tri-State Monument.  Yes, there is a point where you can stand in, simultaneously, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The final location took me to a famous historical building in town, and required I email the cache owner a bit of information off of a historical marker.

Oh yeah, somewhere on this journey I had to go to work.  But thankfully for me, I'd been saving up an Earthcache to find one day.  Today was that day.  GC15QP1-The Edison Mines celebrates Thomas Edison and his involvement in the iron mining industry in Northwestern New Jersey.  I wish I had a magnet that day, as the ground is said to be polarized.

A little bit down the road I quickly found GCQRNF-Entrance To Cacheland.  The Sparta/Andover area in Northwestern New Jersey is abundant in prime cache locations.  On this day, I think I just reached the tip of the iceberg when I found this park.  The Sparta Mountain Wildlife Preserve has dozens of caches, and one day I'll set out to find the rest of them.  But for now, back to work it was.

I had one more cache to find.  Why find five cache types when you can find six?  After work, I set out to find GC18VZN-The White Pilgrim.  This two-stage multi-cache tells the story of a Christian Church minister, specifically, his death, burial and re-burial.  I enjoy cemetery caches, and this multi-cache was a fitting end to a fun day of caching.

Six cache types in one day- now that's CacheCrazy!


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Over Thanksgiving I got a chance to do 8 cache types in one day. I happened to luck out where I could make it happen. If you find yourself in an area with 8 cache types, plan an event or two. That way, 9 :)

I documented my adventure here:

Big_Dog1970 said...

Excellent Smithers... :D
I'll have to give it a try some time if I ever get my hip fixed.

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