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Friday, June 12, 2015

Meet Team Koodge ~ Our First Geocache!

I love to meet people who are new to Geocaching and talk about their first experience with the game. Some have a great time while others, not so much. I want you to meet Adrienne from her blog, She had a great experience that she would like to share with us! 

Hey there! I'm Adrienne, and me, my husband, and our dog are newbie Geocachers! I found out about Geocaching a while ago, but never really looked into it, unfortunately. However, recently I've been trying to think about ways husband, Koodge (the dog), and I could go out and have some fun bonding time, all for really cheap! Then I came across a blog who mentioned Geocaching "dates". I was intrigued!

We live in Germany for now, and I was hoping it would be popular here, I did some research (and found the popular website) and saw that there were literally THOUSANDS of Geocaches in Germany! Who knew it was so popular? I certainly didn't! There's even TONS in our own town here in Ansbach. One even just a few hundred feet from our house! Cool!

Husband and I committed ourselves to trying to do more day trips, there's so much to see and do here in Europe! So our first Geocache was a combination of a day trip, and finding a cache! I wanted to go to a walled city (an old town with it's medieval walls still intact), but husband did me one better and found a small castle!

[Be careful here, Germany Geocachers there may be some spoilers!!]

Katzenstein Castle. (Katze in German means 'cat'. So, I thought that was pretty funny, as there were even a few cats hanging around the castle). We got to tour this castle, and have some dinner there. It was really fun. After the tour we went out to Geocache!! It was only a few feet away from the castle. It was totally rad. So here husband and I are, American's in a foreign country, walking around looking like we're lost. Inspecting all kinds of things like, rocks... snail shells, and wooden posts. This was our first cache so we didn't really know what to look for, all we knew was that it was a small cache and fairly easily rated to be found.

One of these things is not like the others...

So here I am, staring at this wall of rocks. Inspecting, each and every crack and crevasse! There were some muggles close by, so I had to explain to the husband to act inconspicuous. "We're just American's over here... admiring this rock wall... *whistle* Nothing to see here...". I am pretty sure Germans thing we're crazy... And then! All of a sudden this Cat shoots at us from above the embankment! I of course, knelled down to pet it, and husband had to abruptly remind me why we were there in the first place!

I FOUND IT, BY GOLLY! (yes, I totally said that out loud, at the time of finding it). I was so terribly excited to be the one to find it, and not husband... Because usually he's pretty darn good at those kinds of things... But now that I think about it... Maybe he just wanted me to find it first... Anyway, the sun was setting, and there were a few goodies in the cache, but we didn't have anything to trade, so we just signed the log and left the goodies in there.

Not only did we get to explore a new sight here in Germany, but we found our first Cache. I think this is going to be a great exploration tool for our family, and I am so excited to pursue this amazing, world wide, hobby!

Actually it's just the beginning!
I hope to see more adventures from Team Koodge.


Adrienne Rose said...

I just wanted to say, I am so happy to have done a guest blog here! I cannot wait to do even more in the future!! :)

CrazyCris said...

Very cool story!

I've been wanting to give Geocaching a go for a while now, each time I read about one of Kim's (from Snug Harbor) adventures! Now that I've finally got a smartphone with GPS capabilities I'm going to download the ap (I've already created my account) and give it a go! Was going to this weekend, but a birthday barbecue interfered (and a funeral tomorrow). But any day now I'm going to the beach near my house and try to find my first cache! :o)

CrazyCris said...

PS: That Castle looks AMAZING!!! If you guys like castles you should definitely go to Neuschwanstein in Bavaria while you're in Germany. I went several years ago... FABULOUS! ;o)

Adrienne Rose said...

CrazyCris (just wanted to let you know you're a no-reply blogger, meaning when you commented on my blog post (on my blog) I cannot reply to you via email -- google it, and you can fix it, easy peasy)

Also, Thank you for reading my story, I super appreciate it! And I am glad you liked it! -- I bet you though, wherever the BBQ and Funeral are... there is probably a cache! Seriously, they're everywhere!! Try it out! ;) Could put the FUN in Funeral... (bad joke, haha, sorry!).

Also, I've been to Neuschweinstein, it was gorgeous! I like the outsides of castles best, they all kind of look the same on the inside. ;) I bet there are caches there! *Gasp*

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Welcome Andrienne - you have joined in a sport that you will find addictive. I started 3 years ago as a novice pensioner and other than illness have captured 558, almost 95% on my own.

A good first blog on CacheCrazy as well, I hope you both + geodog enjoy yourselves and make many good friends through, I have.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Welcome to CacheCrazy! This is the BEST group of writers and we so enjoy sharing our stories.

Adrienne, I really enjoyed your post here and I especially like reading the caching stories from other countries and seeing the photos. Can you tell us why you're living there right now?

Cris, I cannot wait for you to go out and find your first cache!!

Adrienne Rose said...

Hi Kim and heather!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my story!! I really appreciate it and can't wait to get to know more people in the caching community!!

For the long version about me you can read it over at my blog, linked up at the top of the post. But in short my husband is US Army and we're stationed here in Germany! :) it's really great!

BigAl said...

Adrienne, Welcome aboard. You're going to love this sport. Great article with great pictures. I can't wait to read more from you. I'm a USAF Veteran and an avid Geocacher. Hope you enjoy


AWE, great support to a first time poster from the team and friends, this is what makes CacheCrazy so fun! I'll quote Kim in saying," Welcome to CacheCrazy! This is the BEST group of writers and we so enjoy sharing our stories."
AND I'll add that we have the best readership too who truly appreciate great work from ordinary authors who look at LIFE as an adventure!
It is truly a win/win.
Thanks for sharing Adrienne, we're happy to know you and your work is always welcome here!


Hey Chris, you know you have to take pics, write a blog post and submit it to as part of the Geocaching rules for your very first geocache, uhhh, yeahhh , it's, it's in the small print somewhere, yeah that's the ticket.
I could see it now........

Sonny Davis said...

Welcome Adrienne and family. I enjoyed your post and I especially liked the photos. I had the privilege of being in Germany for about a month and half in the early 90's (Ramstein AB) while serving in the USAF. Hopefully, some day I'll be able to visit again with my family.

Thanks for the post!

Adrienne Rose said...

BigAl! Thanks for the warm welcome! And that's very cool that you're an USAF Veteran! Thank you for your service!

Bloodhounded is right CrazyChris! You've definitely got to take photos on your first hunt!!

And thanks BH for having me write! I was a little worried at first that there wouldn't be any comments. It just took the rest of the day to show up. I am in the future you know. LOL.

Sonny Davis! Thank you for welcoming me, and I am so glad you liked my post! Germany is an amazing place to be, sorry you didn't get to stay very long! Hopefully you and your family can come in the future! It's pretty awesome here! And thanks for your service!

Michelle said...

Thank you for you comments on my blog. I lived in Germany for 7 years. There is so much to do there . We did a lot of the wine tours and volkmarches.I probably spelled that wrong. Both of these are free.
What is the biggest city next to your town? We were stationed at Ramstein. It about 45 minutes from France.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Once I get Cris to actually get out and cache, we'll definitely get her to do a guest post. She lives in Spain and is such an interesting person. She does a lot of hiking and takes awesome photos, so she will fit right in here. Check out her blog:

Adrienne Rose said...

The biggest city next to our town is Nürnberg. Haha, not too exciting.

I know where Ramstein is, it's like 3 hours from here.

CrazyCris said...

Bloodhound I've got a bit of an itchy shutter finger... so when I make it out there will definitely be LOTS of photos! ;o)
As for that strange geocaching newbie rule... well I might be persuaded to follow it... :p

Adrienne I know about my e-mail thingy. Thing is I didn't create a new e-mail for Blogger when I started blogging, and I feel activating something that would let people see my regular e-mail address! :o( Anyhow whenever I leave a comment I always subscribe to comments so I can see the replies!
Oh, and I've been to Nürnberg for a summer weekend, they've got a fabulous Zoo that does some fascinating research on dolphin cognitive abilities! Or at least they did 8 years ago or so... Also it's famous for its Christmas market, is supposed to be the best in Germany! I'd love to make it there one year during the Christmas season...

CrazyCris said...

Kim, you sure know me well! ;o)

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