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Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking back at ~ The Best Guest Blogs Ever ~ The Best Father's Day Present EVER!

A note from Bloodhounded: Guest Blogger this weekend featuresBrian "Big B" Sullin from Team Blueball. This post is special because Big B is none other than ol'Bloodhoundeds son! So in the spirit of Father's Day, being able to post my son's guest blog is the best Father's Day Present EVER! Big B was the guy who turned me onto Geocacheing and for that I am forever grateful! Enjoy as he takes you to one of the best geocaches in NEPA!

Before I get into all of that, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian "Big-B" Sullin and I am a founding member of Team Blueball inNEPA. Yes, you read the name correctly, Kevin of Bloodhounded is my pops and I am proud to say a few short years ago I had the pleasure of introducing him to this great sport we have all come to love (or be insanely obsessed with). Blueball has been on the caching trail for quite some time now and the members seem to be a revolving door, but like anything else in life, change is inevitable. At the present time Blueball consists primarily of myself, my girlfriend Mara, our 2 Boxers Laila and Bishop, A great friend and also founding member Mark and another buddy Dave. Its great to meet you all and be able to share our experiences on the trail and I look forward to meeting some of you in the future.

N 40 56.745 W 75 41.508.........And what an adventure it was. 

NOW.......onto the Cache. It was a Sunday morning early June, and if you recall we had a heat spell of temps in the 90's for a few days. What a break today was, mid 70's low humidity, not a cloud in sight. You could see for days it seemed like. The other members of Blueball were slowly piecing their lives together after a night of slight over-indulgence but not this way no how. This Sunday has been on my radar since the 7 day forecast came out a week ago, and if us cachers know one thing....its the weather forecast is always accurate. HAHAHAHAHA. It played into my favor today. 

We decided we wanted to venture out towards Hickory Run then make the swing intoJim Thorpe, so we our coords in order and saddled up. Cache number one on the list was a little bad boy by the name of "Where The River Bends" a short 3 mile rounder multi. No big deal right. Right?!?!?!

We find ourselves approaching some state game land parking and see a nice open gravel path, way better than the high grass I like to call Tick Land. Punch in the coords for stage 1 and set off. "Alright Alright" I think to myself, a nice easy hike on some gravel relatively flat, man my hungover friends must love me for this one....Well, here we are, ground zero for stage one and a little search ensues. No more than 2 minutes and we hear the signature "GEOOOOOOOOO" Nice!!!! Here my friends is when the story starts.

Punch in coords for part 2 and see just about a half mile to go. With a clue reminding us to stay on the trail, okay sounds fair. Well, not using our geosenses we completely miss the correct trail and stay on the main one. Yes we noticed the distance was going up but for some reason we thought it would loop around and take us dead on like a freight train. How wrong were we you ask? Very. What should have been an easy in/easy out turned into some of the deepest forest I've been in. EVER. The trail we took winded us through woodlands both thick and open for what seemed like years. We had multiple encounters with snakes, some of which were 4+ feet in length. Now to me that's not a snake, that's a dragon. One Copperhead, wonderful. Best yet, a ton and I mean ton of Fresh bear crap. It almost seemed as if we were on a hunting trail that coyote and bear use frequently. Okay let me re-phrase that. We WERE on a hunting trail that coyote and bear use frequently. What are we doing we say out loud and laugh just to make each other feel better about the situation. Mara is terrified, Dave is willing to trudge forward but albeit reluctant and me, well I'm disappointed in myself because like a Mack truck it all just hit me. We just walked a total of 5.5 miles in when all we had to do was make a right down the correct trail. The ultimate DOHHHHHHHHHHHH moment. They saw the light bulb come on, hell, Stevie Wonder prob could have seen that light bulb come on. 

We navigated back, got on track, finally saw the gps get down to 500,400,200,100 feet to destination. Then there it was, a break in the trees. Wow. It was like all of the hiking, sweating, snakes, bears never even existed. I've been to a lot of great overlooks and lookouts in NEPA and The Virginia's, but this, this was the Creme de la Creme. I don’t know if it was because the risk for reward level was through the roof at this point or just because I feel as if I was halfway to the gates of Heaven. Cache secured, log signed a few laughs and a good breather later we were in the cache mobile. Needless to say, the list of 5 caches magically shrunk itself into a list of one. Where The River Bends.......

"One man’s wilderness is another man’s theme park......Cache on friends"

Your fellow Cacher and friend, 

Brian "Big B" Sullin

Well, there you have it. Another geocaching adventure that takes you toCacheCrazy.Com Cache of The Month for October, 2010 ~ Where The River Bends!Check it out, I was able to interview the CO's and these folks are great! Big B and his team seemed to take the loooooooong way buy hey, that's what geocaching is all about. If it were an exact science, it wouldn't be as much fun!

Thanks Big B for the awesome guest post and Happy Father's Day weekend to all Dad's everywhere in the world!


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

What a story but as soon as the nasty five letter word 'Snake was mentioned I would have been back in the nearest cafe. I wonder how many of us have made the same error, taking the wrong track and ignoring the GPS changes, I know I have and regretted having the cross country track to get back on the right path. You never know what your going to find especially as a lone catcher like myself. Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Very nicely done! Kevin, he is definitely chip off the ole' block. You have a lot of be proud of.

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