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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Caching, Lake Michigan and Hot Dogs

Look at the title of my post and what's not to love?  It's a gorgeous day here in Chicago - deep blue skies, a stiff breeze and temperatures hovering around 60.  We had to meet a client who lived near the lake this morning, so I grabbed my caching bag as we breezed out the door, hoping   insisting, that we hit the lake front for some caching afterwards.

I love unusual or big art, and the first place we stopped provided plenty of interesting things to look at.  This was at the park entrance.

I don't understand the big pencil, but it sure was different.

I don't know if these were cement benches or a breakwater wall, but I loved how they were painted.

We had to walk out to the end of this pier....

And find the cache on this search light..... 
The views of downtown Chicago were wonderful....

The next cache was hidden on this sailboat...

I would love to own this house overlooking the lake.  What a view!

Hey, is there a cache hidden in here???

Lou finally spotted this nicely hidden cache.  You can't see it in this picture, but I promise you it's there...
This was a great beach because we found some sea glass and a really pretty rock.

As we were headed for home, we spotted a street vendor selling hot dogs.  There is just something really yummy about a Chicago style hot dog with a steamed bun, so of course we had to stop.

If you are ever in Chicago, you HAVE to get a Chicago style hot dog.  They are the best!  I know I cheat and put ketchup on my dog, but then, I put ketchup on a lot of stuff.  You can read all about the history of Chicago style hot dogs here
Be sure to get them with a dash of celery salt - it just adds a little something extra.  

One of my favorite hot dogs are at Gene & Judes in River Grove, IL.  I actually like the fries better than the hot dog.  They are nice and greasy and they dump them right on top of the hot dog.  Read about them here:'s

Another favorite of mine is Superdawg in Chicago.  I have been going there since I was a kid.  The top of their building sports 2 giant hot dogs and people from all over the world have taken a picture of them.    They have 1950's style car hop service there and it's just a fun place to visit.

Who has a taste for hot dogs tonight?

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Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Love the photo's of Chicago but unfortunately I can't get there today, well not from UK. As for all those hot dogs I can sum that up in one word - CALORIES, extra caching exercise needed afterwards I would think. Good blog as ever Kim.


Kim and her family always seem like they are having so much fun. How come when I take the family out geocaching I hear a lot of bickering, whining and just general "are we going home yet?" types of conversations? One thing that we all do agree on though is, we all LOVE Chicago style hot dogs!
Great post Kim, thanks!

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

I miss them so much!I would need like a stack of paper towels and loved every bite.
CAN YOU HELP! Here in Northeast PA, I can't find three KEY ingredients; the "right peppers", the emerald relish and most importantly, the poppy seed buns! Someone, please send these items to me and I will reward you handsomely......I'm serious!
This looks like a great day! You are blessed and I see you take full advantage of it. Great post!

BigAl said...

Well they do sound good, but I've never had one as of yet. Maybe someday I will get to taste one. Do they put hot sauce on them? That's the way I'd eat it. Great post Kim.

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