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Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking back at ~ The Best Guest Blogs Ever - Isabella's First Geocaching Adventure

Authored By: Bloodhounded
Guest Blog Authored By: Isabella  
Have I ever told you why my geocaching name is Bloodhounded?
Well you see it all started with a little Bloodhound puppy named Molly, a trip to New York City and the Westminster Dog Show. Molly was of noble breed and came to us by a breeder whom was showing at the Westminster. My wife and I drove down and met her there. It was love at first sight and we carried that little girl under my wife's coat down Madison Ave to where we were parked. Molly gave us great joy and love so when the breeder called me and said she had a displaced male, we were happy to also get Otis, our male Bloodhound.

I think I describe it best in my GC profile; "Bloodhounded is more than just a handle, it’s a way of life when you own two bloodhounds. For instance, when you let the dogs in before you go to work and out of nowhere they get you all slobbered up, you've been “Bloodhounded”! When a 120lb. dog thinks he’s a lap dog and totally immobilizes you, you've been “Bloodhounded”. You get the picture."

Molly passed away last summer and our hearts still ache from her loss. She loved to swim, take naps with her tongue hanging out and she loved to go for walks, particularly when everyone joined in and we were searching for local geocaches. Team Bloodhounded, est. 2009 and Molly was the founder.

Fast forward to last September 2011. Guess what? We found an awesome breeder with a noble breed of black and tans in NJ! Just a short drive from us ironically and what a wonderful gal. She is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Bloodhounds and her breeds have won many accolades in shows and in the field as trained K9 heroes. Jess, her female, was having puppies and guess what, one of then was going to be ours! Jess delivered three beautiful puppies. Two females and one male. We had our hopes set on a female and sure enough it was to be. Red Girl (as the breeder called her) was our little Izzy and we would pick her up just before Thanksgiving and welcome her to our home.

Izzy is a dream come true, a real live miracle and has brought so much joy to my family. I could go on and on about her but rest assured, she is carving her own love into our hearts. One look at her and you just melt. She has the look of an angel but she is actually a little devil. You know, typical puppy stuff but she is so smart and just loves to be loved and loved she is. I figured it was about time she go one her first geocaching adventure and my wife, Dawn and daughter, Andie said they wanted to go too so, off we went to Moosehead Lake to initiate Izzy into Team Bloodhounded. 

Since this was her first geocaching adventure, I'll let her tell the rest of the story from her point of view. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a unique guest post from my geodog, Isabella Pants On Fire Magpie and her first geocaching adventure at Moosehead Lake.  
Isabella's First Geocaching Adventure
Hello! My name is Isabella Pants On Fire Magpie, Izzy for short. I’m 4 months old and I live with the nicest family in the whole world. They take very good care of me and they love me very much. I have a gigantic yard to play in with my brother, Otis and when Otis is crabby, I always have someone else to play with.

I love going for walks but the other day, mom, dad, and my sister, Andie, took me on a rather unusual walk. I was sitting in the yard and I saw dad putting my crate in the car. I was a little nervous because I thought I was going to the doctor again but then I heard Andie say something about going Geocaching. I had no idea what that meant but everyone else was eager to leave so I was excited to embark on this new adventure.

After we all climbed in the car, I saw that dad was holding a bag of treasures. Then I noticed dad was also holding a hand held devise which was evidently telling him where to go. I listened closely for clues as to where we were going. I heard dad say something about a place called Moosehead Lake. I hoped it wasn’t much further because I was too excited to sit in my crate any longer.

We finally arrived and mom let me out of my crate. I couldn’t wait to get going. Andie was kneeling down petting me when dad came over and smiled at me. “Are you ready Izzy?” he asked me, “This is a big day. We’re taking you on your very first Geocache!” he said proudly. Sometimes I wonder if they know I can’t respond to them but if I could, I would have asked dad to tell me more. I couldn’t handle the anticipation any longer.

We walked onto a nice trail in the woods and Andie started telling me I had to help her find the Geocache. She told me there are treasures in the Geocache and something called SWAG. Dad was still carrying that device he had in the car. Now he was looking at it very closely and he kept shouting out numbers. I was sure my family had gone crazy. Suddenly we stopped walking. “This is ground zero!” dad exclaimed. He kept saying we had to find this thing called Killing Time (GC395YF). It sounded scary to me but they weren’t afraid. They started looking everywhere! They dug around in logs and looked in trees and under rocks. “I found it!” I heard Andie yell and then something really strange happened. Andie started howling! Just like I do! Why did the container make her howl like that? What was in it? And why was it just sitting in the middle of the woods? I had so many questions but they were all forgotten when mom gave me a treat and everyone started taking pictures. I still wasn’t sure about this Geocache thing but I knew that I wanted to find another one!

My wish was granted when I heard mom ask dad how far until the next “cache”. Dad said it was half a mile away. I was ready to find it. On the way there I smelled that there had been other people and dogs on this trail. I wondered if they had been looking for the cache that dad called Moosehead Bound (GC395Y7) as well. Soon dad said we were at ground zero again and my bloodhound nose went to work! I sniffed around the ground and suddenly I smelled something unusual. I immediately knew it was the cache. I found it in a hollow stump! “Izzy! You found it!” dad said. He was so proud of me! Andie gave me a treat. Mom took my picture. This geocaching thing was great!

Dad said we had one more to find. This one was called Moosehead Lake (GC394F4). I was exhausted from all the walking but I didn’t even care because I was having so much fun! I wanted to find the last geocache and make dad proud again! We got to the spot where the cache was but there was no lake. I thought maybe the device lied to us until I smelled that unusual smell again. I found the last cache in seconds. This cache had that thing Andie told me about inside it. I think she called it SWAG. I thought maybe it had treats in it so I stuck my heads in the bag but they weren’t the kind of treats I could eat. Dad must have known I was disappointed because then he gave me a treat and patted my head.

We put all the treasures back in the box and started walking back to the car. The whole way back, dad kept calling me his little geodog. I could tell he was really proud of me. This geocaching thing wasn’t so bad and I was really good at it thanks to my nose. We finally got back to the car and I hopped into my crate and slept the entire way home.

When I got home, I curled up on the couch with my brother Otis. I dreamed about being the best geodog in the whole wide world. I hope we go geocaching again soon! I am so happy my family has made me the newest member of Team Bloodhounded. Who knows, maybe I’ll even meet some of you out on the trail! Keep on caching! –Izzy the Geodog.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG-loved this post. I want to squeeze Izzy. Great job!

Ann said...

lol bless you Izzy you certainly had a great adventure there with geocaching, well done.
We had a lovely faithful Border Collie called Hana (we named her after an area on one of the Hawaiiain islands we had visited a number of years back). We had her from a 6 week old puppy in 1997 until April 2010 when she had to go to the kennel in the sky :-( :-( we still miss her so much. We didn't start geocaching until the September after she went and often we have said when out caching "Hana would have loved this". So now that we have had a couple of holidays and IF we see another BC that needs rehomed we would like to get another one. She was just beautiful and so so good natured. We miss her so much. Maybe we will have a geodog to to go geocaching with us. Izzy I hope you have many many happy geo fun with your family.

BigAl said...

BH, great post. I really loved it.

Izzy, welcome to the Geocaching world. You sure had your day cut out for you. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you do go on more trips with your team. More than that I hope to meet you some day in the near future. Again, welcome aboard.

ebjazzz said...

great post! I took my geodogs out in the tubs to grab a couple of caches last month (along with the wife and baby) and we had a great time. Great post - izzy is just darling. Also - as a Packers owner I must say - I approve of the beanie!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

That is one articulate dog. My dog doesn't have nearly the same vocabulary or writing skills. He starts out writing good prose, but by the second sentence he inevitably diverges to squirrels, and by the 4th paragraph it is all bacon all the time.

Good dog you have there :)

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