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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The "Real Truth" about the Easter Bunny

The "Real Truth" about the Easter Bunny

 Long before geocaching was ever possible, before GPS and even before the construction of the ammo can, the Easter Bunny has been hiding eggs and baskets for seekers to find. I have done extensive research on the subject and find the lack of the “truth” about the Easter Bunny upsetting. There are many stories about Pagan Tradition, Egg Dumping and Christian Symbolisms but let me set the record straight right here and now; The Easter Bunny is the first known Geocache hider. So move over Dave Ulmer, the bunny's' coming through.

There are many who agree with me but still some skeptics exist. For your information, there is a little known lawsuit involving the Easter Bunny and Groundspeak. It appears that the Easter Bunny was seriously discriminated against by Groundspeak when selecting a mascot. It’s still tied up in court but, I think there is a settlement on the horizon. Signal had a very impressive resume and does look pretty cool but the Easter Bunny has it all over him in experience with over two million hides. His age came into question but the Easter Bunny can still kick some butt.  The truth be known, in a toe to toe tussle, my money is on the bunny.  And, in all actuality, Energizer had a much more attractive offer anyway.

Where did the Easter Eggs come from anyway?
Rare photo of Peep and Peter aka The Easter Bunny

The story, as I know it, has steamy romantic details of the Easter Bunny and a chicken named Peep who had a very unconventional relationship.They were in love! For years they skirted the public, hiding their relationship from those who cast shame and negativity. Together they created the most beautiful eggs and to cover their tracks, the Easter Bunny hid them from the eye of the public. Do you see where I’m going here?

So, Why an Easter Basket?

The Easter Bunny and Peep were so in love and made so many "Easter Egg"s that they had to use a basket to keep them all together. At times instead of just hiding the individual eggs, he would hide the entire basket to save time. Children took a special interest in the Easter Bunny because of the beautifully colored eggs. Because the Easter Bunny loves kids, he would occasionally add treats and chocolates to the baskets for the children who looked for them. It didn’t take long before parents copied the Easter Bunny’s basket hiding and the Easter Basket was born. Egg hiding was also done in conjunction with basket hiding to make children believe that the Easter Bunny was actually real. Which he is of course. Makes sense, right?

I have seen the Easter Bunny!

I did, I swear I did. I was young with a raging imagination of this huge white bunny that hides eggs and baskets for kids just like me. A stir in my bedroom confirmed my belief, when I felt that tickle on my cheek and opened my eyes, there he was! As alive and real as you and I. To this day I can still see the image. I quickly pulled the covers over my head so he didn't see that I was awake or had found him out. This “real sighting” has energized my lifelong pursuit of the truth.

So, forget all those other stories and spread the truth about the Easter Bunny. On this Easter morning, while you enjoy your chocolates, candy, Easter Eggs and all the joys that Easter brings. Remember the Easter Bunny who has forged a legacy by caching eggs and baskets for many generations. A pioneer if you will, of the hide and seek game that spans the globe much like Geocaching. 
The Easter Bunny is a Geocacher, I just know it!

Happy Easter
Christ has risen hallelujah, hallelujah! 


CrazyCris said...

lol! This is EXCELLENT! So much fun!

Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the Easter Bunny to come to Spain as well! He's totally unknown here! Or perhaps he's just afraid of ending up in a paella? ;o)

Gayle Labuz said...

This is the BEST Easter Bunny explanation I've ever seen. And yes. It totally makes sense.

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