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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Best DNF Ever, Again.....

By Big Al - Did Not Find; the funnest caching trip ever.

This past Sunday I set out with my son to find a few caches in the local area. We were heading for A Day at the Falls, which I had tried with my wife once, but we turned back when we noticed the terrain rating. Well my son and I were prepared this time, so we gathered our caching supplies and headed out.

We arrived at the parking area, I think, and headed into the woods. We were greeted by a most unusual looking fungus growing around two tree stumps. These were really cool and very picture worthy.

After a few pictures we headed off towards GZ. As we approached we noticed we needed to go down quite a steep embankment. I told Levi to be careful and to find us the least dangerous route possible. We decided as we neared the cliff edge that we had better find a different route. We headed away from the cache and then down the steep hillside. It took a good deal of time to do it, but we did traverse the hill without any problems, that is until I started slipping. Down I went. Thankfully I did not slide too far. I was okay and back up on my feet in no time. We finally made it to the bottom and found the creek.

As I began searching for the cache Levi called out to me that he had found a cave of some sort. I quickly headed up to where he was at and he was right. There was a nice size cave entrance there.

I got out my trusty flashlight and peered into the darkness. This really looked cool. As a matter of fact it was really "cool" down there. I began taking plenty of pictures of this cave and then we decided to head in.

As we began looking around I remembered we were on a time constraint. Back to the cache at hand. We crossed the creek and headed up the hill to where we thought the cache was. We wandered all over and did our best not to slide back down the hill. I mean were talking about a very steep hill. We looked for a long time, but just could not find it. I looked at the time and knew if we did not quit now I'd be in big trouble with my wife who had a ladies get together at a friends house. I told Levi we were heading out and that we would come back to this cache another day. He agreed and we left. We headed back down the hill and then back up the other side taking a direct uphill approach. This was a definite cardiac exercise.

We finally made it to the top and I looked at the time again. It had taken us less than 15 minutes to make the climb from across the ridge to where we were now. I was so out of breath it wasn't funny. We made it back to the car and I called my wife and let her know we were on our way home. She was fine with that. As we headed home I just had to have one more look. What a beautiful view.

We cannot wait to go back and try this one again. Of course we will have to take a brighter flashlight to spend more time exploring the cave. Hopefully the next time we'll find the cache to make this an outstanding caching trip. See you on the trails.



So.....BigAl. Did you ever get back to this one? If not, I'm interested in making the trek. I want to know whats in that cave!
Get post the first time, better the second, thanks!

BigAl said...

We went back a second time and still did not find the cache. At that point in time the cave was filled with water so we did not venture in. I'd love to go back again if you want to go. With no rain for a while maybe it will be empty. Let me know.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

How did I miss this post?? I would love to check out that cave!

wangfaster said...

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Kevin Bloodhounded said...

I still want to check out that cave brother, in the dry season.....I love this post! BH

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