CacheCrazy.Com: A Tribute to Caching Buddies! A guest blog by Noxencachehunter

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Tribute to Caching Buddies! A guest blog by Noxencachehunter

A Tribute to Caching Buddies!

Recently I (noxencachehunter) and my ten-year-old son Ben(KingChewie) had the awesome opportunity to attend the Allegheny MEGA with some friends from NEPAG. It was an awesome weekend, ending in well over a hundred caches found and a lot of fun and laughs getting there. The real story for us, starts on the last Sunday of the event- at the pancake breakfast. As we were finishing, one of our crew by the name of Angel sits down and says: 'Hey, what are your plans from here?" I told her that I thought we were pretty much packing up and headin' out. She replies:"Well, JohnGalt, ScarletWitch, and I are going to swing over and catch The Spot (GC39) It's the oldest cache on the east coast." I glanced over at my intrepid caching partner. Apparently he had been infected with the "one more cache" virus over the weekend. His little head was bobbing in the affirmative. "Let's go, dad!" So off we went.

About an hour into our trip across Rt. 86 I began to feel a strange vibration coming from the front end of the truck, followed by a growling noise. As we got off the highway at our exit, we noticed SMOKE coming from the front of my vehicle! Pulling over, Angel hopped out of her car and poured water over the front tire. JohnGalt and I got out the jack, removed the tire, and discovered that the caliper, brake pads and rotor had all fused together- and the wheel barely moved! My day was over.

As I phoned for a tow, I told the rest of the group that we didn't want to mess up the rest of their day. THEY REFUSED TO LEAVE. Unbelievably, Angel pulls out her phone and makes reservations for my son and  I at a nearby hotel. She and her husband covered the bill. The group waited an hour for the tow truck with us, and as the truck was being picked up, a pic was snapped with the tow truck driver. About a minute after the pic was posted to Facebook, I got a call from Nishollow, another cacher who was with us over the weekend. He wanted to make sure everything was o.k. After the truck was towed, we actually continued on with our plans and managed to make it to The Spot! The truck was fixed the next day, and Ben and I were back on the road by late morning.

What's the moral of the story? Caching is an amazing hobby, but I can honestly say it takes a backseat to meeting some of the most amazing, caring people I have ever met. I consider myself fortunate that I was not alone during my escapade. It also made me think of the times I was tempted to cache alone for hides that were better found in a group- not only because of the fun, but also due to the danger present due to terrain. I'm glad I had others along then, too!

So thank you JohnGalt!, Angel, and ScarletWitch. I consider myself a richer man for knowing all of you- and I look forward to caching with all of you many more years.


Erin Spencer said...

Hugs. :D

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