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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Too Cool To Cache?????? Not Girl Scout Troop 2903

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Reader Note: I feel that this article is so great! Taking out time with our youth to teach and explore together. To have fun and build life long memories of great times in the great outdoors. I mean check it out! This is a great post with excellent pictures and a very clear and wonderful message. Thank you!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in October. The sun was shining and the early morning nip in the air was welcomed because I was physically on the move. I had a lot to do and it had to be done as quickly as possible. I didn’t have much time because within just a few hours, the morning mountain silence would be broken by 13 crazy, screaming 10-11 year old girl scouts, troop 2903, looking for hidden treasures called Geocaches. My mission, and not only did I accept it, I initiated it, was to check the caches we would find today and make sure they were ready. I made sure they were hid well and left for church with the confidence that it was going to be an awesome day.

Just after lunchtime we met at the Francis E Walter Dam, home of CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters and our playground for the day. A nice little picnic area was our meeting point and everyone was on time! We had a 100% troop turn out and I was thrilled that all of these kids and their parents showed up to get outdoors, get some exercise and learn about something called Geocaching.

Mrs. Bloodhounded  (one of the troop leaders) and I had a plan. We told the girls to bring three small trinkets to trade in the treasures, wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers or boots, wear a jacket, and be ready to have some fun.

"The colors were beautiful 
and many trees had peaked 
that very day, or so it seemed"                    

We greeted the group with hot chocolate and some light snacks. Then it was time to gather  for a quick orientation on what Geocaching is, how you do it and why. The attention and behavior from this group was outstanding. They awed at all the different cache containers that I brought along for show and tell. When I broke out the “big gun”, the famous Triple Dog Dare, you could hear awes and oooohhhh’s from child and parent alike. I knew I had their interest when I showed them what kind of treasures they could expect and the crowd drew nearer and nearer for a closer look. I loved it!

We talked about some safety tips too.  I showed my pack filled with first aid items, flashlight, extra logs and gadgets that would assist us in the hunt. Then I booted up my GPSr and panned out so they could all see the hundreds of geocaches right in our area. They couldn’t believe it! This was the real deal and they looked at me as some type of captain of a pirate ship named Bloodhounded ready to set sail on a treasure hunt and they were invited.

Finally, it was time to split up into two groups and start the hunt. We all set off to one area to get stage one of Man’s Best Friend GC1X3V9. This gave us a chance to explain the GPS and show them a cache hide that was rather unique. Well, with 26+ eyes and no preconceived notions, they made quick work of the first stage and had it securely in hand. We marked the cords, placed it back exactly the way we found it and then the two teams split and we went in opposite directions. I charted a route that would take us in a circle, complete four caches and cover about three miles of ground. Mrs. Bloodhounded started at our end and we started at theirs. This way there weren’t so many girls looking for one cache at one time.

The girls were delightful to have along and I chatted with the parents who were also very cool. Each scout had a turn holding the GPSr and leading the group to the cache or a certain point. We followed no matter what and then I explained the art of avoiding as much “bush whacking” as possible and how the GPS showed the direction “as the crow flies”. They picked it up right away and in no time, they figured out the trick to Barking Up The Wrong Tree, GC1TC4F. They loved it and we all applauded their first found Geocache!!!!

We laughed and played our way to the next cache, stopped and rested at a beautiful overlook of the dam, took some pictures and continued. The other group was working their way towards us on the same path and when we crossed, it was fun to hear about what they saw, we told what we saw, then left each other laughing and a challenge to see who would get done first!
The second cache was the final of Man’s Best Friend. This was a little tough because the GPS signal was not very clear and the girls learned a quick lesson of using their geosenses. I kind of had them in the wrong area but they caught on pretty quick and it was like a frenzy of turning rocks and searching everywhere. The old familiar, “FOUND IT” was heard and one of the girls held the container above her head. We all attacked her and explored the many treasures inside, signed the log and placed it back.

There was no sign of anyone other than some of us adults wearing down as the girls kept us on a pretty quick pace. Taking turns with the GPS was fun and even the different trees opened up opportunities to learn. The colors were beautiful and many trees had peaked that very day, or so it seemed.

The third cache was a great find and the girls had an awesome time finding it.  Blueberry Loop, GC32TW0 is a well hid cache and their first experience to a traditional ammo can geocache. Getting it open was as much fun as finding it but once it did open, I could only compare the swag trading frenzy to a small pond of feeding piranhas. Every girl had their hand in the cache at the same time reinforcing my belief in a well stocked cache container.  Between the excellent swag that the CO had and my little additions, everyone left with something cool AND left behind something even cooler. Watching the girls make those tough decisions of trading was fun. Should I or shouldn’t I??????

Now we were on our way back to the picnic area and as we came closer we could hear the other group closing in as well. “RUN, THEY ARE COMING” I yelled and I could hear a similar call on the other end! I think it was “called” a tie but I swear my group touched the table first! In any case we basically finished at the same time and immediately laughed, giggled and told our stories. I thanked all the girls for being so good and we had some more hot chocolate and snacks.

 I had one final surprise, for right in that very picnic area, was a cache called Another Dam Cache, GC1E19V (which made the girls laugh) and they had to find it. Well, you didn’t have to ask twice! It was as if there was a one hundred dollar bill stashed there somewhere. Soon, one of the gals made the find and we all laughed as we signed our final log for the day.

The event ended as quickly as it started.  After a few group pictures, we said our goodbyes and every one of them thanked me for a great time. We cleaned up what little was left behind and in no time at all we were home. Mrs. Bloodhounded made it a point to sincerely thank me (you know the difference when you’re married for 18 years) which made me feel real good. That night while I laid in bed ready to fall asleep I thought about what an awesome day it had been and I thanked God for that gift.

I don’t know how many of those girls will ever geocache again but I do know one thing, they won’t soon forget Bloodhound, that guy from CacheCrazy.Com and his case of crazy geocaches and the awesome treasure hunt that was so much fun! But, what they don’t know is this; I had just as much fun if not more than they did! Thank you Girl Scout Troop 2903! You are all perfect little ladies in my mind and it was wonderful to spend a day afield with you doing that “thing” called, GEOCACHING!

Another cool thing is that we were able to log these caches under our newly acquired name (Thanks Chad) Awesome! 



I'm telling you, this was so much fun. If I ever hit the lottery, I'm doing this full time. I would love to bring busloads of kids from the city out here and just watch their faces. The day was perfect, the girls were perfect and the caches were fun! What better way to learn about global positioning systems and all that stuff than going on a treasure hunt!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The smiles on their faces say it all! That was a day they will not soon forget. Nicely done!

BigAl said...

Nice job BH. I can tell by the smiles on their faces that they really enjoyed themselves, and I can tell you enjoyed yourself too. I love teaching other people about Geocaching, and I love it when they really take off with it. Again, nice job and keep it up.

smithie23 said...

This is what it's all about! It's awesome to see the girls had a fun, and learning something at the same time. Who knows, perhaps there's a future author in that group!

Christine said...

Wow what a great story. I work for a nature center and an designing a Geocaching 101 program and I an totally inspired by your post. Adding you to my google reader!


Thanks Christine, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And, I'm glad you found us! Make yourself comfortable and read awhile. We have great authors here at CacheCrazy.Com and feel free to comment anytime!

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