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Monday, January 12, 2015

The story of the three little bears

Warning! You may find what you are about to read disturbing. If not, go look in a mirror and ask yourself some questions about life and humanity.

It was back in late October when the news broke. Someone on the maintenance crew at the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Airport posted this very disturbing picture to Facebook and the story caught fire in the community and to me personally. Since, I have been bothered by this and have read every article, news feed and public record on the incident. My determination is this, much like the tarp used to cover the dead mother bear who was shot while nursing her three cubs who were also shot, this whole incident is a freaking cover up of bad judgement, poor management and complete disrespect for wildlife, life in general and humanity.

I will give you the short version of the facts and my opinion.

The story and the facts:

It's late October at a NEPA airport and a helicopter pilot takes off noticing four bears inside the perimeter fence at the airport. He radios into the control tower and notifies them. The control tower calls maintenance and shortly there after the maintenance team finds the bears several hundred yards away from the beginning portion of one of the runways. The mother is laying down and the three cubs are nursing. They shoot them on sight and in place and cover them with a tarp. Only a short time passes between the time of the report and the termination of the bears. Less than one hour.

The PA Game Commission is called after the fact and asked to come in by the board to smooth things over. He has no choice but to say the killings were justified because the airport has permission to kill any wildlife that enters the perimeter fence, period. And by the actions of this maintenance team and some history records, this wasn't the first time they have done so. But, the community is outraged and now starts the cover up.

The board of directors meet with the game commission to get their story straight but even at that meeting some board members are asking "why?". In the end it's determined that the killings were for the sake of public and air traffic safety and human life comes before wildlife. The conservation officer was forced to say that using tranquilizing or trapping would have not been practical because by the time he got there the bears were reportedly, "already dead for several hours".

My opinion:

First of all I am not an animal rights activist and I totally get it, you don't want a bear running out
onto the runway while a plane is landing but come on, give me a break! I've flown in and out of AVP many times and this is not a busy airport. They could have bought some time by rescheduling landings or redirecting flights with little trouble. This may have given the authorities some time to construct a more humane game plan. With proper management the bears could have been tranquilized and moved to another area. If it were a human intruder inside the fenced area, all kinds of schedule changes would have taken place. There is absolutely no question about it but, the maintenance crew took matters into their own hands. They made the decision to kill.

Their permit issued by the PA Game Commission to kill on site any and all animals that wander into the fenced area needs to be reviewed. The commission needs the opportunity to respond and react according to the situation and the imminent dangers associated with each individual case. While I will say that at times there is little choice but to terminate in this particular case, there were other options.

In the end, a mother black bear who raised these cubs and sheltered them for two years could not stand up to a mindless group of people who have no regard for life. Two years of relationship building, bonding, learning and loving down the tubes to this senseless act. I would have been happy to see the board of directors or the game commission place this incident under review but instead, they just covered it up and and said, "oh well, it's sad but at least no one was harmed". Bullshit!

Who is going to stand up for wildlife that is being forced out of their territory by human growth and construction? Who is going to make the call in these situations that are tough but manageable? Unfortunately in our area, it doesn't appear there is any representation. The answer seems to be just kill it and get rid of it.

Enough of my ranting. What are your thoughts?

Here are some links to the news feeds for your own review. Hopefully someday people will start to get it and build measures to have an action plan with the animals best interest in mind. I pray.

Let's be better people and take humanity into account



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