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Thursday, January 29, 2015

That Four Letter Word

Folks, I am not one to use four letter words. That is the bad kind. You know, the kind that could get your mouth washed out with soap. So says my mom. Well there is another four letter word that I usually don't use, but I used it yesterday.

You see I got up early and as I approached the back of the house I looked outside and then I said it. SNOW! That's right, snow. There I have said it again. I usually don't say it until I am ready for hunting season. Then it can snow and I really like it.

Now you need to understand that I use to work at a hotel and every time it snowed I got called in to work early to plow, shovel, plow, shovel, and shovel some more, and then finally throw around some salt. It never bothered me until one year when the snow was really deep. I'll relate the story.

My boss, the owner of the hotel, told me since it was starting to snow, and we were supposed to get a lot, that I needed to go get my wife and kids and bring them back to the hotel so they could stay there and not worry about the snow. I thought this was very kind of him. I picked up the family and brought them back to the hotel and we all got checked in. Then I went to work plowing and shoveling.

Well as I got up by the catering department where the big patio was I heard some pounding on the glass doors. I turned around and there was my family standing there all in their swimsuits by the indoor HEATED pool.

WHAT! I'm out here freezing and shoveling snow, and looking like the Abominable Snowman, and they are all in there having the time of their lives swimming. They laughed and I felt like crying, but my tears would have frozen, so I just went on shoveling snow. When I was done shoveling I went back to my room, which by the way had a Jacuzzi in it, and I enjoyed a nice hot soak.

Yes that was a very disturbing snow storm and I'll never forget it and neither will my family. Actually I was thankful for a boss who cared enough about my family to allow us to spend one snow storm together for free.

So back to the word snow. Are your caches ready for the snow that is coming? This might be a good time to get out and check them before they get buried. Make sure they are properly filled and water tight, so that when that big storm comes they will weather the storm with no problems. Also consider if you need to disable any of them due to their extreme location.

Which brings me to another point. If you are going out after caches during the snowy part of the year make sure you take plenty to drink. Both hot and cold might do you some good.

Also be sure to dress properly. You know like thermals, warm socks, cold weather boots, gloves (even the ones with the strings tied to them so you don't loose one of them), hat and a scarf. It's also a good idea to take along some snacks. As a matter of fact it's good to take snacks along everywhere you go whether your caching or not. Snacks are just good anytime. You can make them healthy or just plain good. It's up to you.

And, I'll give you a little hint. When you get close to the cache turn around and walk backwards. It really throws off the next cachers who visit. So as you prepare to say that four letter word make sure you're prepared to go out in it after those snowy caches. Cache safe everyone.

Big Al


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Awesome post BigAl and good to see you back in action. I love that picture with the word SNOW in the snow and a great story. Winter caching takes a special breed. I like it!

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