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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CacheCrazy.Com 900 posts and counting

My loving daughter Steph
Hi Guys, Bloodhounded here!
No, I didn't die and I'm not giving up on CacheCrazy.Com either but right now I'm over my head in life's challenges and could use some help keeping things going here.
I'm going to schedule some reruns and I know what your thinking, Reruns! Haven't we have enough of them? I say NO! We have accumulated over 900 posts and many of them are so awesome its a shame NOT to repost them.
My goal for the site is that we hit 1,000 posts in 2015.
I'm calling out to all admins to help make this happen. In the mean time don't be afraid to post your old favorites, picture or any type of outdoor related posts from friends or your own. As an admin author you can "bump" the schedule anytime. You guys are the ones who made this site so cool and I am forever grateful.
Have fun and live it up in the great outdoors!


Ann said...

We haven't been out caching in months, due to my husband having had 3 operations on the same eye in 2014, (detached retina) so when we did eventually go out I was forever telling him to "watch that branch" or " I'll get the cache" . We did go out 2 weeks ago and managed a few nearby. We had almost forgotten how the GPS and ap on my phone worked!

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