CacheCrazy.Com: Bloodhounded's Secret Tour of CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters

Friday, January 9, 2015

Bloodhounded's Secret Tour of CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters

As Editor in Chief and COO of CacheCrazy.Com I am proud to lead such a great resource of life experiences in the outdoors for those of us who love nature, oh and Geocaching too. 
Right from the beginning we named the Francis E Walter Dam, White Haven, PA 18661 ~ CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters ~ Why you ask? Well, Dodger and I call this place "home". We are raising our families here, own homes here and have made it quite a geocachers paradise over the years with clever hides, great scenery and a park like atmosphere. 

 Let me share with you the current structure of the CacheCrazy TEAM.

·         Dodger, assumes the noble role of CEO with the responsibility of maintaining this site in case I get hit by a bus.

·         BigAl, assumes the critical role of CTO and will be responsible to look at the site each day and if a new post isn’t up by noon, call the CEO!

·         DctrSpott, was granted the prestigious and trusted position of CFO and he, well, he’ll, ugh, we really have no money or many expenses so, well, just keep an eye on that!

·         Smithie23, is utilized for his expertise in technology as President of Information Services and will update my laptop’s memory and debug the damn thing as needed (he’s also great at figuring out puzzle caches too, lol)!

Thanks for believing in me and sticking with me right from the start!
Long hours, no pay and a ton of commitment are a prerequisite. As you can see by the roles and responsibilities, they are vital components to bringing you great articles nearly every day of the week, 365 days per year. Thank you!
In addition, I would like to give a special “THANKS” to our Honorary Authors who contribute regularly and deserve as much credit for our success as anyone. Dave, Kim, Heather, Ann and George all have done such a fantastic job in their own way and have added additional personality to the blog (since this writing, Kim and George have been named Admin Authors). These are all really great people that I have searched the whole world to bring you the very best and they deliver!

AND, if that isn’t enough, how about those fantastic Guest Bloggers?! Man, these folks can really write and share a great story with professional quality photographs! Miragee, Sonny, ErikaJean, Tony, Sylinda, Shell, Jenny, GeoJohnny, Jamie, Hedge and Beth come to mind as frequent contributors and to all who have contributed in any way shape or form, thank you for being a part of it. You give the blog life!

Finally, YOU, the readers! Oh, we have the most wonderful readers with obvious great taste in daily reading material and a flair for diversity in activities and interests! I love you guys! All 344,303 of YOU!!!!! 
Without you there is NO CacheCrazy.Com.

Now I don't mean to brag but, in January of 2009 when I started the "blog" CacheCrazy.Com I had 780 pageviews for the month and I was thrilled! This January 2013 we missed 15,000 by just a few readers and today we average about 20,000 readers per month. Now that's just CRAZY! Lot's of great writers and lots of great readers to enjoy their work. A true win/win operation and one which I take very seriously. So much so that I knew that CacheCrazy.Com needed a world headquarters like no other. It is my very distinct pleasure to share a tour of the facility with you today. Come along and please watch your step!
Here is the layout of the tower. It looks like a flood control project on the outside but on the inside.....well, let's just say I went a little overboard on the remodeling for our authors. I am committed to providing a comfortable workplace so our team can let their creativity run wild!

This is indeed a very special tour because only a handful of people have ever entered the bowls of CacheCrazy.Com world headquarters and that’s the way we like to keep it. It’s top secret as a matter of fact. There are some very high security measures in place such as hidden cameras, motion detectors and    “Muggle Detectors” at the front gates.  As you enter the compound you get the feeling that you're about to tour a flood control dam but once you pass through the front doors you know your in for a very different experience.

First we have the Observation Area at the top of the tower. It is a very comfortable area with a casual feel and a place to just meet, hang out and maybe do some writing at sunset. This is a favored room by many of the authors and the view of the dam is beautiful.

Down the spiral stairwell and to the left is the Authors Gathering Area where we frequently share ideas about the blog, new series and ideas for future posts. Many great times around the fireplace singing songs and just having some author comradeship.

The Authors Lounge is a great place to unwind after a tough day writing and idea cramming. None of us are really big drinkers but there are few things more enjoyable than sitting around the bar with friends and getting a good game of beer pong going. One time, Kim had not one but, two chocolate martinis and sheeeee, well, watch for that post to follow. 

Remember all those great recipes on CacheCrazy.Com? Yep, you got it, all made right here in the CacheCrazy.Com kitchen. It's a great place for a late night snack or a business luncheon. I even write here frequently as I feel very much at home in the kitchen. You should see BigAl's hot sauce collection! 

Take the glass cylindrical elevator down 100 meters (328 feet), marvel at the fish and enter the one of the most sacred hallows of CacheCrazy.Com headquarters. There, in that very chair, I sit right now and write as others have written before me. Here the authors work hard to bring you the most fantastic outdoor adventures, everyday!

So there you have it. The most secret and coveted tour of all time and just for you! Now PLEASE, try to keep the secret so we can continue to enjoy our lavish lifestyle of running all over the world and writing about our adventures in peace. And, whatever you do, don't wake me up because, I'm loving this dream:)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Fun article Kevin, but wouldn't it be great if we really DID have a place like this too meet up? I can just taste your awesome chicken wings. I LOVE being part of this great group and I'm so glad you invited me.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

It's a lovely place to chill out, l know I haven't been able to visit and write lately, but your all in my mind and as soon as my health returns I will be doing an Arnie, "I'll be back". Just atch this space, great post BH.

CrazyCris said...

Damn! I want to come write in that super secret hideout! Looks awesome!
Well, I guess not so secret now that you've revealed its location to the world... ;o)

Bravo to the whole group!

BigAl said...

Ah, but what you don't know is that BH gave the wrong co-ordinates just to throw you off. This is the best place to work. I don't do this often but I am going to release a picture of my hot sauce collection soon. Thanks Kevin for making me laugh uncontrollably while reading this one. Great job, and it is a pleasure writing for all of you readers.

DctrSpott said...

As soon as you do get some funds, let me know... ;)

DctrSpott said...

As soon as you do get some funds, let me know... ;)

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