CacheCrazy.Com: Lackawanna Heritage Trail remembered from summer 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lackawanna Heritage Trail remembered from summer 2014

It seems as though fall has past and winter is in full swing but I just don’t know where the time went? I do know that this was likely one of the most epic summers of all time. My son got married, the fishing was unforgettable and the bike riding was awesome. I logged a few hundred miles on the Magical Mystery Machine (aka my mountain bike). Most of which were on the Lackawanna Heritage Trail system and before summer memories slip away, I want to share a typical trail ride in pictures.

I start the ride right from my apartment. I do a short road ride to the river and hook up with the dike system. The dike is part of the trail and offers an awesome view of the river, surrounding towns and great historic sites. Because the trail follows the river its generally level. Not too many inclines and a great opportunity to ride all out and race against time on my 12 mile daily route. I miss riding but I do plan to ride right through the winter trail surface permitting.
Enjoy the pics and live it up!



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