Sunday, November 2, 2014


Recently I was on vacation with my family and we were visiting my sister in Ohio. What made this trip special was that my oldest sister and one of her son's were going to meet us in Ohio at my other sister's house. This would be a little family reunion. We would also be getting together with other family members we had not seen in a few years.

While we were there my nephew and kids decided to check out some "haunted" places around where I grew up. They had lots of fun and I think the next time we go out there I'll have to join them in the haunt. These are some of the haunted places:
  • Crybaby Bridge - Just east of Troy, this local crybaby bridge is where LeFevre Road crosses Lost Creek before you get to North Children's Home Road. A baby can be heard crying from beneath the bridge late at night. Legend says that in the 1930s a couple were crossing the bridge and were involved in an automobile accident. Their baby was ejected from the car and was never found.
  • Polecat Road - This old country road was the site of a motorcycle accident years ago. The man was not wearing a helmet and was killed when he veered off the road and hit a tree. Driving down the road at night, you can sometimes see a small green glowing orb off to the side of the road in the trees. On the same road, about a mile away from the accident site, is an old roped-off trail. Supposedly this is where KKK members hold meetings and sometimes hangings.
Since this trip was "just for fun" meaning there were no school activities planned since we homeschool, we decided to check out a lot of cemeteries where some of our departed family members have been laid to rest. My nephew was able to come up with all of the cemeteries we needed to visit in Ohio as well as into Indiana. This was a neat idea because some of these relatives we had never met since they passed on well before any of us were ever born.

We were able to find grandfathers, great grandfathers, great-great- grandfathers, and great-great-great grandfathers and so on. We were able to take pictures of the headstones and even get information from some of the cemetery workers, as well as lots of info from some good websites like and If you're looking for info for your Ancestors be sure to check these sites out. I know it sounds a little weird that folks would take a vacation just to check out cemeteries, but it sure was fun.

As we drove by our first cemetery we noticed that someone had crashed through the fence. We drove around and into the cemetery and then began the drive through it trying to find our first headstone. We parked at the correct lot marker and began looking. It didn't take us long to figure out that where the car had crashed through the fence was the spot we were looking for. It was all taped off with caution tape. Low and behold there was the headstone we were looking for right in the middle of the crash site. Whoever did this really did a lot of damage to the headstones even moving some of them off of their bases. We took a number of pictures and then headed on to the next place.

Well being a Geocaching family I knew there had to be several caches either in the cemeteries or at least near them. Bingo! One of the cemeteries landed us two nice caches even though the GPS was really acting strange. Does your GPS act strange in a cemetery or is it just me?  Now mind you that each cache we find draws my nephew into the game even more. (He later signed up for a GC account.) Hooked another one.

No Carl is not dead. He is showing where one of our relatives is buried.

While in Indiana we stopped at a historical museum and saw that they were closed. But then there was a guy who came out and talked with us. After telling him what we were doing he let us in to take a personalized tour. It was lots of fun.

                   This is an actual wreath made of human hair. It was a little creepy.
                     President Roosevelt on the train in Connersville, IN. He arrived just a little bit before we did.

                        Here's a nice display. I was interested in the flintlocks.

                     What a lovely couple. Oh, and look, they found a Geocache

We ended up coming home to my sister's house and having a cook out and a campfire. Ummm, I love a good smore.

Tune in next week as I relate how I surprised my wife for our 30th anniversary on our first day of vacation while in Ohio. 


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