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Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Big Game Hunting Season

Well folks another PA Big Game Hunting season is upon us. I want to make sure everyone takes this into consideration when they are out caching. The statewide firearms Bear season just opened up on 11/22 and runs until 11/26. Then our statewide firearms whitetail deer opens up on 12/1 and runs until 12/13. These are the times when there are the most hunters in the woods. If you decide to cache during any of these dates please be cautious and follow a few simple rules.

1. Cache on Sundays if possible. Hunter's can't hunt deer and bear on Sundays.

2. Hunters are required to wear orange and so should you. Jacket and hat.

3. Don't wear anything that is brown or dark in color.

4. If your only chance to be out is during the week and you see a hunter in the woods it would be a good idea to come back at another time and try for that particular cache.

5. If you don't like hunting don't go in the woods during the season just to "get even" with the hunters. Some of them really are just trying to feed their families.

6. If you are a cache owner consider temporarily disabling your caches that are in areas where hunting is allowed.

If we all try to abide by these rules we can have safer times out searching for caches. I know that there are some people who don't like hunting, but then not everyone caches either. We can all get along and enjoy the sports we love so much and be safe doing them.

If you are a hunter please be aware that there may be folks out caching while you are hunting. Be courteous and don't yell at them. They are just enjoying their sport too.

So happy hunting to all of you hunters and may you fill your freezer with lots of game. And, happy caching to all of you Geocachers and my you fill many FTF while you're doing it.

Big Al


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