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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cache Crazy Camping exCursion (Part 3)

By: George aka ggggeo2
Welcome back! We last left off on Cache Crazy Camping exCursion (Part 2). We made it back to our campsite and Geo-Ben watched the boys while Team Firenze and I went to "prefind" a cache about half a mile from our campsite so that we could bring the boys back that night on a fun caching night hike. We made the find and pruned some branches back from the trail so we didn't get whacked in the face in the dark (yes, we both had pruning shears in our geobags!) We headed back to camp and rescued Geo-Ben whose energy was starting to wane.
Next, we hopped in the car and headed off to do some of the most favorited caches in the area. One cache we definitely wanted to hit while here was an Earthcache called Bilger's Rocks. It was a little bit of a drive, and as we got close to the area, a few of the microcachers nodded off to sleep. (Caching is hard work!) We did the only thing we could do: drove around and grabbed a few Park-n-grab type caches (those that are close to parking and usually easy and quick to find.) We arrived at Bilger's Rocks but RealIronman was still cutting logs in the back, so Team Firenze stayed with him while Geo-Ben, Geo Wot Wot, GeoConductor, and I headed out to the rocks with a tape measure in-hand (needed for the Earthcache questions.)
We were not disappointed. This place was cool! Imagine a giant slab of rock, several acres big which, over time, has split apart and formed rows and grids of cracks, crevices, and caves. As we walked on the top, this is exactly what we saw. We found the first spot we needed to measure; it was a crack that slopes down from the top to the lower level of the rocks.
2013-08-24 17.42.10
Geo-Ben, Geo Wot Wot and GeoConductor in the crack
At the bottom of the  crack was a slight drop, so Geo-Ben went down first and helped the boys down. I stayed on top and took another picture looking down.
2013-08-24 17.43.23
Hello down there!
About this time, Team Firenze radioed us that RealIronman was awake, and they soon joined us. In the lower area, it feels like you are in some sort of abandoned dinosaur city. We half expected a T-rex or sleestak (from Land of the Lost) to jump out at any minute (luckily, none did, though.)
2013-08-24 17.50.07
2013-08-24 17.51.29
Tyrannosaurus Rex bait…I mean microcachers on the rocks
2013-08-24 17.54.35
Things are looking up! Wait, no, we are looking up. Now how do we get back up there???
We continued to explore the area for a while, and ran into lots of other people wandering around, trying to find their way out of the rocks. At one point, the crevice got narrower and narrower. Geo-Ben went a different way to see if it went through. The microcachers, being small, were able to fit through just fine. The adults, though, were another story.
Microcachers: No problem!
2013-08-24 18.00.13
Adults: We may have a problem...
We may have to leave him there
I can't give any details precisely, but we will just say that some of the adults took the short way and some took the long way :). In the end, no one got permanently stuck and we were able to continue exploring.
2013-08-24 18.07.47
See, I told you he made it out alive!
We explored for a while and soon came to an exit from the rocks. It was not where we came in, but we recognized it as the road we drove in on. We walked back up to the parking area, then most of the group went to another nearby cache while I went back to the rocks to measure the needed Earthcache answers. (In all the excitement, we forgot to measure what we needed to measure.)
2013-08-24 18.22.07
This is where I had to measure, 5-10 feet across and about a 15 foot drop here
I got the needed measurements, then headed back to rejoin the group, who had already found the cache by the time I arrived. We signed in and were on our way again back to the parking area. On the way back, we passed a totem poll carved out of a live tree that oddly enough had a head just like GeoConductor and arms just like Geo-Ben's!
2013-08-24 18.36.07
GeoConductor Totem Poll!
2013-08-24 18.36.16
Did you see that? I think it just waved at me!
We got back to our geomobile and headed back to Parker Dam State Park for the part of the trip that Geo-Ben had been looking forward to the MOST: The Rattlers and Snappers presentation! At this presentation, a local law enforcement office in charge of animal control for the county gave a talk and demonstration on snakes and other animals. He brought around several live snakes that people could touch, including a poisonous rattlesnake! (Its head was in a plastic tube, so it was safe and so was everyone else.) He also showed a rat snake and a copperhead, among other things.
Geo-Ben and company handling snakes
At this point, dark was starting to fall, so we headed back to our campsite and got ready for night. Flashlights came out, and each microcacher was assigned glow-bracelets. RealIronman also had his headlamp, and this was his time to shine!
Our campsite at night
RealIronman lights up the night
The boys were quickly fading however, so we continued with the plan to have s'mores cooked over the fire, but scrapped the plans to take them on a night hike. We put them to bed (err, sleeping bag?) and sat around the fire talking for a few minutes. Team Firenze and Geo-Ben then headed back to the cache Team Firenze and I had found in the afternoon so he could sign in, too, while I stayed at the campsite. This cache, Grizz I, was an older cache from 2002, and worth the hike. We stayed in radio contact, but after a little while the topography interrupted communications. Just as I was starting to worry and consider how to reach the ranger station, my walkie-talkie crackled back to life and they reported a found it. Whew, now I don't have to drive three boys back by myself and report the news to their wives. I was relieved!
Geo-Ben makes the find in the dark
They made their way back to the campsite, and we stayed up a while chatting, had a chat with a nice ranger who stopped by, and eventually turned in for the night.
Stay tuned for next time, our final day of camping. One more great hike, another Earthcache, and our trek home!


Ben Naska said...

Great account, thanks for the write up

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great spots for caching. Love all the rocks!

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

I freaking love this post! What a great series but, after all, it is a Cache Crazy Camping exCursion, what would you expect? Great stuff man, this is truly what CacheCrazy.Com is all about (now you see why I recruited George as an admin author, ha, ha, ha). This is a quality series that deserves it's accolades. I can't wait to see the next post this coming weekend! and then it's done, booooo. But George has some other blog protects in the works so stay tuned:)

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