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Monday, October 13, 2014

Cache Crazy Camping exCursion (Part 1)

Note from Bloodhounded
Hi guys and I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! George at CacheCrazy contributed a four part series of his, "Cache Crazy exCursion" and we ran it last October. It's such a great series, I wanted to bring them back and share them with you again. I read them all again and I really enjoyed this family camping trip with friend and finding adventure. Thank you George!

By: George aka ggggeo2
Recently, in August 2013, I had the chance to go on a dads and sons geocaching and camping (geocamping?) weekend with geobuds Geo-Ben and Team Firenze and our microcachers GeoConductor, Geo Wot Wot, and RealIronman. We had a great time, did lots of hiking, geocaching, eating, meeting, sleeping, and geocaching. Also, geocaching (did I mention that?) We had started the planning a while on Facebook and using shared spreadsheets. Geo-Ben brought the food and camper (side note: it is GREAT to have a "professional" camper if you can get one. But not Geo-Ben, Team Firenze and I have dibs on him, sorry) while Team Firenze and I planned the geocaches for the trip and camping destination.

In preparation of the trip, we solved a few puzzles, ran pocket queries and shared GPX files, updated GPSrs, and mapped out a good route to take. Soon, the day arrived. Team Firenze and RealIronman picked up GeoConductor and I bright and early, then we headed north to meet up with Geo-Ben and Geo Wot Wot. We may have stopped for a quick cache-and-dash along the way but shhhh, don't tell Geo-Ben! We met up at the parking area for A Saucon Puzzle (which we solved in anticipation of this trip) and exchanged greetings, then headed off to find the final location. It was a little higher terrain than we expected, but we managed to climb up and make the find. We hit a few other cache-and-dashes in the area, then the journey began in earnest.
2013-08-23 13.49.43
Our crack team of Navigators
Our journey was fraught with peril. We stopped at every rest area that had a geocache (pretty much all) on routes I-476 and I-80. We got off I-80 at one point for a quick grab but the re-entrance was closed! Rats, we had to take the long way back to I-80. We were looking for propane to refill our tanks on the way and spotted it right next to some DINOSAURS! Luckily, no one was eaten.
2013-08-23 14.37.22
Totally real and not fiberglass dinosaurs
We also passed a big army tank barreling down the highway (riding on the back of a wide-load truck.) That was pretty cool, but soon after we stopped at a rest stop to find a geocache. The tank couriers also decided that was a good place to stop (though not for the geocache as far as we know) and pulled up too. We talked to them and they said it was fine if we wanted to check out the tank up close. And sure enough, we did want just that.
2013-08-23 18.42.13
2013-08-23 18.43.11
Tanks for the picture!
We also stopped along the way at CacheCrazy's very own Bloodhounded's cache The House On Top Of The Hill. I used to pass by here a lot in the past, and Team Firenze and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to find a cache by our geobuddy. We stopped and made the find, then were soon on our way again.
Hours later, we finally arrived at our destination, Parker Dam State Park. We unpacked the tent and camper and set them up while the kids explored the area.
Our temporary homes away from home
We finally got everything set up and started making dinner: hot dogs and hamburgers. I cooked while Geo-Ben and Team Firenze finished setting up. We ate and cleaned up, then built a fire in the fire pit. We chatted and enjoyed the fire for a while, then turned in for the night as the fire died down. It was a long, busy, but really great day of spending time with friends, geocaching, and traveling.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we held a geo-event nearby, went hiking and exploring in some great spots, and encountered a real, live rattlesnake! (This is rattlesnake country, after all.) See you then!


Sonny Davis said...

I really enjoyed your post! We also enjoy geocaching while camping and hiking. We will be heading out for another great camping adventure in early November. It can't get here fast enough!

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Sounds like the beginning of a super series! Part II just happens to be next weekend, yay! This is what the good life is all about guys, live it up!

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Sounds like the beginning of a super series! Part II just happens to be next weekend, yay! This is what the good life is all about guys, live it up!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a wonderful trip. I'd love to combine geocaching and camping.

Dodger said...

This is great. Looking forward to the rest of the story!

George said...

Oops, thanks for the comments, guys! I didn't see them until today. Part 2 is now up with still more to come :)

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