CacheCrazy.Com: Thousands to Descend on West Bend for Geocaching Mega Event

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thousands to Descend on West Bend for Geocaching Mega Event

WEST BEND, Wis. (July 17, 2014) – It’s almost time for the 7th annual West Bend $1,000 Cache Ba$h!

More than 580 teams and over 1,000 people from 20 states and four countries are already signed up for this free, family-friendly geocaching mega-event in West Bend, the Geocaching Capital of the Midwest TM. The Cache Ba$h will be held on August 8-9 in West Bend’s Regner Park with a cash raffle totaling $1,000 and tons of other great prizes! It’s estimated that each year, Cache Ba$h attendees bring in more than $400,000 to the city, staying in hotels, eating in restaurants and shopping the bustling downtown retail district.

This year, 66 new permanent caches have been established for the event, bringing West Bend’s total to more than 1,400 caches within a 10-mile radius of the city. There will also be a “Where’s Waldo” contest with seven people wearing costumes. Each geocacher to locate and get his or her card stamped by all seven will be entered in a special prize drawing. The Chicago Podcasters will also be making a return appearance, doing a live podcast at the Cache Ba$h on Saturday morning.

Also new in 2014, cachers can experience the brand new West Bend
Four Seasons GeoTour, hosted on The tour is made up of 20 brand-new caches and takes geocachers on an exciting adventure through the historic city.

GeoTour participants can start by downloading a passport online at or for a list of all the caches.
picking one up at the West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce. For each cache and code word uncovered, as well as for each meal and overnight stay purchased, participants will receive points, logged on their passports. Once they reach 25 points, they will receive a limited-edition Four Seasons GeoCoin. Log on to

Adding to the excitement, the West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a new sweepstakes, the “Four Seasons GeoTour Giveaway.” Two lucky entrants will win a prize package to help them start earning their Four Seasons GeoCoin. Prizes include overnight stays at the Hampton Inn & Suites and the Country Inn & Suites, $100 in gift certificates to West Bend businesses, $50 to for a premier membership and an official geotour passport.

Fans of Discover West Bend can enter now through August 22 on Facebook or at
To learn more about the Cache Ba$h, log on to or call (262)338-2666.
Pictures by West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce.


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