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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Really Great Caches ~ Sticks and stones may break my bones.......

But names will never hurt me. 

Remember that? 
I do and I can assure you that if FamilyTeamB heard some of the names I called them on that Thursday afternoon when Dodger, DctrSpot, Boltzmann (the geodog) and I met to do FamilyTeamB's new cache, I may have made them cry. 

Join me as we look at this geocache from a first hand expanded log of sorts complete with pictures, an awesome interview with the cache owners complete with pictures, and a reflection on an afternoon that I wont soon forget. If that sounds like fun to you then let's get started.

Up Down & All Around (sticks and stones), GC2VAPV 

on by: FamilyTeamB


Paul, Nichole, Matt and Abby look like the all American family but don't let them fool you. They are evil schemers of wicked caches that have you looking for things you may have never seen before. Somewhere in Paul's garage is a secret laboratory of torturous contraptions that he and his family bring to the field and pass themselves off as a nice family of Geocachers, yeah, right! I'm on to them. They lure us out there in the middle of nowhere, dragging us through thickets and scrub oak, scraping skin on rocks, twisting ankles and climbing things that even as a child you probably wouldn't do! And you know what? 
                                                       We loved it!

DctrSpott and Dodger 

GC2VAPB, Up Down & All Around (sticks and stones) showed up on on 5/1/2011. The FTF (first to find) diehards were in pursuit but were met with some adverse conditions and stages that were not typical in terms of the “garden variety” geocache. The FTF was claimed by Cerberus1 on 5/6/2011 and with that said, the first favorite was awarded. I know Cerb and he's a pro! He doesn’t hand out those favorites easily. You have to earn them with thought, effort and a location that's cool. Since that time there have been six logged finds and 3 favorite cache awards! That's a great start for a geocache that has been hidden by a relatively new cache team, FamilyTeamB.

I had the good fortune to catch up to the CO's and asked them a few questions for our readers at CacheCrazy.Com.

Bloodhounded: Congratulations, either you guys have incredible skill or beginners luck (or a bit of both) you certainly have one hell of a cache out there!  It’s received nearly as many favorite points as it has finds! Can you tell us a little bit about your caching team and what your team goals or likes are?

FamilyTeamB: Maybe it’s a bit of both, but thanks!  Being new, we didn’t want people to think that we were going to put out a typical cache, we wanted people to complete our cache and say, hey I really enjoyed that!  We want them to know that we are going to try to use some form of originality in our caches.  Going into our first cache we didn’t expect to receive favorites points so quickly and then to receive them from such experienced cachers is an honor.  We really appreciate that.  Our team consists of myself (Nichole), my husband Paul, and our two children, Matt and Abby and occasionally my brother Josh tags along, and props to him for helping us place our first multi.   What we enjoy about caching is that we can spend family time together doing all of the good things like, seeing and learning about new places, exercising body and mind, and what’s better than finding a treasure at the end.  We love it!

Bloodhounded: What were your original thoughts when you placed this cache and why did you select the location?

Matt and Abby taunting you to find it, great kids!
FamilyTeamB:  When we planned to do this cache, we knew that originality was going to be our main goal.    We wanted to include the whole family and put some hard work into it.   We chose the location because we loved our time spent searching for Windmill Hunting in the Barrens by Dctr Spott and we thought, ya know, there are some unique hiding spots in the area not to mention, the place is beautiful and some of the views are amazing.

In order to get a view like this, you have to first climb the mountain but let me tell you, it's worth it!

Bloodhounded: What kind of reactions are you getting from the logs?

FamilyTeamB:  The reactions are great!  People seem to be having fun and that was our goal coming into this . We decided early on that we wanted people not to feel frustrated with a DNF after their search, but to come home and log a satisfying smiley.

Bloodhounded: So now that you own this awesome cache, what can we look forward to in the future? Any plans for another hide?

FamilyTeamB:  We have a small multi called, A Walk in the Park.  This one is really cute and kind of aimed toward the kids.  Our next cache will be more difficult than Up Down & All Around.  We already have a few ideas planned out but we want to take our time with it so that it will be a good quality cache.

The good doctor and I discussing infinity and beyond 
Bloodhounded:  As a relatively new player in our sport, what are your first impressions of the game and your thoughts on the future of quality geocaching?

FamilyTeamB: What I love about this game is that really anyone can play.  For the kids it’s like a treasure hunt, for adults it’s a gratifying   journey.  For us it is mainly time well spent together as a family.  My hope is that people keep putting out hides that bring some adventure and uniqueness to the game.  We will contribute to these qualities as long as we are playing the game and we have confidence that others will do the same for many years to come.

Nice folks don't you think? Now, let me tell you the story they are not telling you.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that the cache is tough and tricky at times. The terrain is rough and you had better leave the shorts, flip-flops and t-shirt at home or you’re in for a bad time (don't let the pictures of Matt and Abby fool you, they want you to wear shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, evil, evil I tell you). Also, be prepared to use your geosenses and think outside the box. I can’t tell too much for the fear of being a spoiler but I will say that I have seen some stage cache sets here that I have not ever seen before. The hike isn't bad, the cache flows nicely and some of the views are awesome!

Don't let this nice path fool you
The area where the cache is placed is now a plethora of quality caches. You could easily spend a day here and hike around grabbing caches along the way.

Boltzmann, DctrSpott's geodog
If you are able to get all five caches in one day that would be quite an accomplishment indeed. We were so into the cache that we didn't even talk about the blog much. It showed me that we still have our priorities in order, lol!

Hey, why not grab your gear, some friends and/or family (don’t forget your furry best friend) and make sure you have a lot of time and prepare yourself for a caching adventure of a lifetime!

Cache safe! 



Dodger said...

Yes, "The Barrens Pentathlon". I like that. We'll have to come up with a profile icon for those that pull it off.

TFTC, FamilyTeamB. Looking forward to your next evil cache!

familyteamb said...

Thank you so much for featuring our cache on cachecrazy. We resent and admit we are a bit evil. Oh well, looks like our cover is blown. By the way, isn't that just a little bit like the pot calling the kettle black! Just so you know, our torture devices are kept in the basement not the garage Mr Know it all! But seriously, It is an honor to have you guys do this. Thanks, Familyteamb

smithie23 said...

Great post!

This was a great caching experience. From the hike, to the stages, as well as being out-FTF'ed by an hour, it made for a great day. I would highly recommend this cache for those who are tired of the run-of-the-mill LPC's (they seem to be a dime a dozen it the Wyoming Valley) yet aren't quite ready to foray in the world of using climbing gear to retrieve caches.

I can't wait to see what familyteamb has in store for us next!

Steven Mercer said...

This is an amazing post for car lovers.

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