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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Placing a Cache in Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve

In July of 2013 I went out early one morning before work to place a new unknown (puzzle) cache at the Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve. (The cache is MM 8C if you want to try your hand at it.) This is a great little nature preserve nestled deep in New Britain Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The Neshaminy Creek runs right through it, and a volunteer I met informed me that they have a bridge or two planned to get to the other areas of the preserve. The preserve has about 1.5 miles of great trails for hiking, watching birds and wildlife, enjoying the wildflowers, or even geocaching!

 Preserve Map
Map of the nature preserve
History of the nature preserve (from their website): Wilma Quinlan was a member of the New Britain Borough Council that organized a group of residents to band together and purchase 23 acres of land along the creek.  In 1972 they purchased 23.76 acres of land that has evolved into the Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve of today. Dr. Miriam Groner lived in the Mathews-Groner house across the street from the preserve, and in 2005 left her house, three acres, and much of her estate to New Britain Borough for the benefit of the Nature Preserve.
Back to today, I was walking along the trails, almost to the area I had targeted on the map earlier to hide this cache when suddenly, a swing!
2013-07-19 08.11.45
The Swing
2013-07-19 08.12.53
The Swing Again
2013-07-19 08.14.42
That swing had a long rope
I have no idea where the swing came from or why it was there. Maybe one of the neighbors placed it there. I decided not to try it out for myself and just continue with my task at hand. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to snap a few pictures of the Neshaminy Creek that runs through the preserve. I got right out into the middle of it to record this moment for you, dear readers.
2013-07-19 08.14.11
2013-07-19 08.17.06
2013-07-19 08.17.15
2013-07-19 08.18.22
2013-07-19 08.33.55
I headed back to the bank of the stream and scoped out the cache location situation. I spotted a few good spots and narrowed it down to one. I went back to the stream bed and found some good geopile stones and carried them back to my cache site. You may recognize the Wise Old Walking Stick, who I had with me, and who gave me sage advice on cache placement (mostly in the form of stern looks.)
2013-07-19 08.26.23
The Wise Old Walking Stick
Then, I spotted something amazing, out here in this big forest: a teeny, tiny forest! I think it was some sort of fungus, but it looked like a microcosm of the forest in which I now found myself. I couldn't help but wonder if at that very moment, a tiny bug was wandering inside of this tiny forest, finding an even tinier forest! Nah, probably not.
2013-07-19 08.31.10
A Tiny Forest on a stick in a big forest
I finished up my placement, then hiked over to the other side of the preserve. After heading down the trail for a while, I hit some sort of force field that let me know it was time to stop and go a different way.
2013-07-19 08.40.00
The Nature Preserve Boundary, both ways!
I started heading back to parking but was quickly distracted by the ripe, red raspberries growing along the path. A few weeks prior and I probably could have supplied a buffet, but the selfish birds and deer had picked off most of them by this point. I managed to find a few and man, were they delicious on this beautiful morning.
2013-07-19 08.43.27
2013-07-19 08.45.33
Raspberries. Delicious, beautiful, red raspberries.
I made my way back to the parking area, where a guy was placing mulch around the sign. We exchanged greetings and ended up having a long discussion about the history and future plans of the preserve, and volunteer opportunities. Maybe it will be the site of a future CITO event? We exchanged contact info, then said our goodbyes and I was on my way.
2013-07-19 08.47.33
I saw the sign
The Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve is a great place to hide or find a geocache, or just take a walk and enjoy nature. Check it out next time you're in the area!


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Awe man, this is such a great post George! Nice pics, get post and it makes me want to yell, "ROAD TRIP"! Super job!

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