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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Now that's just weird!

Okay, I'm determined to find the second stage of the three-stage multi "A Walk With Murray." I know the Altoids tin is under a rock and I'm assuming from the clue it is near this huge prickly pear cactus.

I look and I look. I turn over every rock within fifteen feet of that cactus, and even some more near the other cactus.

Finally, I give up and decide to go find "Bubbles." After finding that cute one, I go back to the beginning of "A Walk With Murray" to check the coordinates. Sure enough. I made a mistake. But I'm only off by about 12 feet.

So, I'm back at the cactus patch again and there is this huge rock. And it really stands out. I look at it and say, "Well, I don't remember that rock from before."

I move it to one side, and under it is the Altoids tin! Weird. And that isn't the first time that has happened.

I looked and looked for the cache at "25 Acres" and was about to give up since I had an appointment to take the car in for service. And then, something changes in my vision and I see it. A very well-camouflaged ammo can is there, still nearly invisible, but I can see it, and I get to log a find, and make it on time to get the car's oil changed.

Has this ever happened to you?


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