Saturday, August 23, 2014

Next week we are going to tackle Lawson #4, the closest cache to my house, and a very challenging hike and climb. So, we are trying to get in shape for that adventure.

Therefore, on Tuesday, instead of driving down the old Viejas Grade to find the four caches hidden along there, we walked down the road. One of the caches is called "Back Seat Driver." P.T. is checking out the car to see if it might run again someday.

Actually, the car got caught in the fire of Ocotber 2003 and anything on it that could burn, or melt, did. Only the metal shell remained.

It was a good long hike of nearly four miles and we collected lots of cans and bottles along the way.

After we got back to the Geomobile, we headed up Hwy 79 toward Cuyamaca State Park to find Duncan!'s new cache and continue on toward an Earthcache and the Sunrise Highway. Passing Wind's "Julian Schist Earthcache" was cache number 800 for me. The description of the rocks, and the gold-bearing veins, was very educational. When we arrived at the road cut, it was in shadow, so the pictures we took were not as vivid as they could be. When I'm back on that road, I'll stop and get some better pictures of the interesting geological feature.

Although the air was hazy, it was an absolutely beautiful day to be up in the mountains. One of the most fun caches on the Sunrise Highway was "Vista del Fuego." It was placed a few months after the devastating Cedar Fire in October 2003 that burned thousands of acres. On a clear day this view would really be fantastic.

From there we headed on to a cache I had found a few months ago. While P.T. climbed up the hill, I took some pictures of the "Guardrail Philosophy."

I have an alarm clock that runs on happiness . . . 

Everytime someone smiles, I wake up . . . 

Our last stop of the day was a cache I found a few months ago that has since gone missing . . . again. It is called "Vallecito View" and highlights a wonderful viewpoint. I hope Duncan! will replace it so people will stop and see the view of the desert to the east.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wednesday morning we started out at my "Steele Canyon Park" cache. While P.T. found and logged it, I collected a few more cans and bottles for the recyling center. From there we drove just a little ways to the end of Par Four Street and started what turned out to be a very long walk to attempt the multi, "Par Four," and continue up the hill to the difficult-to-access "Golden 94."

At the first waypoint for "Par Four," we found this guy:

The second waypoint was difficult to find and we looked a long time. It shouldn't have been that hard; in fact I looked in a location similar to the hiding spot, but missed searching the actual hiding spot. P.T. ultimately made the find. We took quite a few pictures of the ruins we found there.

This amazing tree might have been the hiding place for WP #3. We may never know since we looked for half an hour and never found it.

"Golden 94" was only .22 miles away from that place, but we couldn't see any direct trail to it. I was certain it was at the end of a power line access road, so we started walking up the horse trail, in our Chaco sandals, not thinking we were going to be doing all the bushwacking we ended up doing after we went up, then down, then up, then back down, then up, up, up to the ammo can hidden in a pile of rocks that can just be seen in this picture taken from "See How They Run" later in the day.

We probably hiked four or five miles during our day and had quite a bit of elevation gain and loss climbing to both of those caches.

The last cache of the day was another new one by Pathfinder and Snoopy, two cachers who really helped me out when I was a brand new cacher back in January. There caches are always fun, well-cammoed, or in interesting locations. In fact, the very first cache I found, "Hollenbeck Canyon Cache" was a Pathfinder and Snoopy cache.

Thanks, Pathfinder and Snoopy for getting me started on this obsession/addiction . . .

This post was written by Miragee from her personal blog Musing About Geocaching. You'll find a lot of great articles and awesome adventures there. Karen is a regular contributor to CacheCrazy.Com.

Thank you!


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