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Monday, August 4, 2014

Nay Aug Tree House Cache Rescue

Log date: 7/27/2014 Nay Aug Treehouse Cache
Andie and I from Team Bloodhounded started this cache on Friday 7/25/2014 and after falling in love with the tree house, I had to finish it today! I was very impressed with the park. I've been here before but really explored it Friday and today, I’m glad I did. After reading a few of the logs I realized that this excellent cache could be in danger. Reading about the ammo can missing and the contents just in bags (and we all know how that story ends), I decided to tote along a Lock N Lock container, log, pencil, some swag and the best of intentions to keep this cache going for a much longer lifespan.  I was surprised at the condition of the logs (there are several) and the contents of these bags! I was expecting and bag of mush but found some excellent swag and dry all around contents of three bags total. A great hiding spot contributed to their protection however, I did consolidate the cache but I couldn't fit all that swag in my container so, I too used a gallon ziplock, packed everything up and she’s ready for many more cachers to come.

The county did well with this project

Andie from Team Bloodhounded

Such an awesome tree house!

The overlook from the tree house is really cool

And the trees are built right into the project

No need to climb this tree

A covered bridge on the way to GZ

The view of the gorge from the bridge

Part of the trail system and very well maintained 

This cache needed a container to call home

The new and improved Nay Aug Treehouse cache


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