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Friday, August 1, 2014

Geocaching With Friends

From July 2012
The email showed up late in the day from Dodger in his simple one line manner."Want to go caching tonight?" Unfortunately, I knew my answer was, "I can't make it" because of other scheduled commitments but man, I really wanted to go. Then the next day Dodger said he was setting something up for next Tuesday, I assured him I was IN! He was inviting several other folks that we cache with and some new friends as well. I was excited as I haven't done much geocaching in the past few weeks because life just seemed to have other plans for me during this time.

I found out the geocaches we were planning on doing and I read over the cache pages in detail. You see, on the night I couldn't go, Dodger and another friend of ours walked away with not one, but two DNF's! They were out for revenge and determined to get these done and I was happy to help.
One of the many caves

I picked up Dodger in my little Honda and with the sunroof open and the stereo playing some classic rock tunes we were off to meet the gang. With the temperature in the high 80's and the humidity about the same, it was going to be a hot one but overall, it was a beautiful evening. When we pulled into the prearranged parking area the only folks there were Val from the K-Team and Joe aka Midas1. This was the first time we had met Joe and he was a real cool guy. Val is always fun to cache with and has a nice laid back disposition. The four of us made a pretty damn good caching team as seekers and hiders. We were ready for the challenge.

Joe checking coords
The first geocache was Caching Does A Body Good GC3C0Y1 A nice 3.5/3.5 multi cache that seemed to have some specific challenges. The cache page said that stages 1 and 3 were easy and 2 and 4 not so easy. Hmmm, sounds interesting. A few DNF's and some logs that painted the picture that this cache was going to be rough and fun! You know when the cache name has anything to do with fitness you had better had your Wheaties.
Everything was going along just fine and somewhere around stage two we found ourselves shoulder deep, reaching into rock holes and pretty much coming up with nothing! Joe had found this stage previously but he wasn't budging on a single hint which was cool. After awhile we needed just a little assistance in the right direction, found the stage and we all moved on to stage three.

The rock formations in this area were impressive with large cliffs and several shallow caves. The hint said it was behind a rock so that narrowed it down to only one billion likely spots and the GPS was next to useless bouncing off of these massive rocks. We split up and attacked in a "you search high, I'll search low" technique  that proved to be successful! Dodger came up with the find and we were all just a little bit thankful that search was over.
A nice little stream ran at the bottom of the ravine

Val smiles and remains positive
Now it was off to the final and we knew we were in for it here. GZ was at the base of a cliff like structure, thick with Rhododendrons or "Rodies" as Joe called them. The hint said it was up half way. Up half way looked to me like you would need some special equipment to get it. maybe the cliff was a diversion! Maybe it was half way up a tree? Half way up to GZ? Half way????? We searched and search but Dodger had the idea to go around the cliffs and come in from the top. In short time with his geocaching prowess he was scaling the cliff and let out a loud, "I found it"! We all went to the top, rested, signed the log and headed back to the car.
Super Dodger on the ledge

The next cache was one that Joe himself hid and it hadn't been found yet even though it was place two weeks prior called Bucky Beavers 2 (summer home) GC3Q05R This was another multi with a rating of 3.5 difficulty and a 3 terrain that was nearby and the FTF was still up for grabs. Joe assured us he wouldn't give it away and by the way he held strong at stage two of the prior cache, I knew he wasn't kidding.

Stage one took us right to the stream with a tip toe ledge and a nice fall if you're not careful. Joe parked himself stream side and we worked the area over good. Remember, Dodger and Val couldn't find stage one previously and logged the DNF. I was already sweaty, filthy and banged up from the first cache so I just threw down and sure enough came up with the stage.

The woods were dark but cool
I wont give away any spoilers here but the stages leading up to GZ were tough, well thought out and the 3.5 rating was well deserved. We had a small coord communication error that just added to the fun (for me anyway). Val found a critical stage and it wasn't long before we found ourselves at a classic geocache location that we all fear and love at the same time, a rock wall. Dodger smugly said, "I'll let you guys find this one" while he settled near a neatly stacked pile of rocks. It was obvious. We found it. BUT WAIT! It's a freaking decoy! Joe just laughed and we proceeded to search and search some more and didn't claim the find until the cache was in hand! A shared FTF and a nice walk to the car while scratching off an FTF lottery ticket and laughing about all the crazy stuff we were going to do with the money when we won.

Getting coords to the final!
Well, needless to say we didn't win the lottery but, we all walked away winners of a different sort. We earned  two very well deserved and worked for smileys, met a new friend, shared an FTF, got a good work out and left with great memories of another day Geocaching with friends. Who could ask for anything more? It made me remember why I love Geocaching so much. I logged my finds and awarded Joe with a favorite point for his excellent work and creativity.

Until next time, cache safe and cache crazy!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That sounded like a lot of fun and it looked like some good caches too!

BigAl said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. I just love reading about other cacher's adventures and what they found. Someday we'll all get together for a nice caching trip.

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