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Friday, August 8, 2014


I have always been attached to bicycling. At 53 I noticed my memory may be slipping a bit but, I still vividly remember when my sister let go of the bike and I was riding a two wheeler! And, I was damn good right away! I road that day well into the night and my mother was worried sick. I took to a bicycle like peanut butter to jelly and ever since we've enjoyed an off and on relationship of fun, fitness and of course adventure.

Recently I relocated to a wonderful town named Green Ridge in Scranton, PA. It’s filled with small shops that are thriving (them and other small shops are actually putting the local mall out of business) and a very friendly Irish
Catholic community with a bit of Italian and Polish mixed in. My kind of town and right next to the Lackawanna River! Beautiful historic landmarks resemble the strong steam engine locomotive and its claim to fame here in Scranton with coal, iron and timber transportation. Truly a large player of the industrial revolution in the northeast years ago.

Driving and walking seemed such a waste of time because there is so much to see. That’s when the "biking bug" bit me. If only I had a mountain bike I could ride all over this town! Soon after I was checking out trails along the river and found several
right outside my door! Some extending for miles and accessing trout fishing spots on the river where only a few have likely fished, that was the clincher. Three weeks later and several Craigslist inquiries and I had my GT Aggressor! It’s a cross country mountain bike and entry level but I’ll tell you, it has a lot of balls. I've owned a GT before, it was a love relationship and this bike did not disappoint.

Mountain biking and city sighting are blog posts that you can look forward to in the future here at CacheCrazy.Com. and I’ll even grab a couple of geocaches along the way so stay tuned for more.

If any of you readers have great stories and pictures of outdoor adventures to share, why not post them to CacheCrazy.Com? Send them to me in email at We are always looking for adventures from our readers all around the world.

Here are a few pics from my maiden voyage.

Live it up!


Part of the Lackawanna Heritage trail system

The Lackawanna River

A beautiful little healing garden

Time for a little riverside snack
Stopped to smell the flowers
The dirt trail turned to a paved gateway
Modern updates to a wonderful historic area
And a well preserved train station that I'll sure explore in the near future
Some areas showed signs of a little "different" kind of contemporary
Near the trail head is this old clock tower, cool!

My Magical Mystery Machine

Hey, Dave calls his bike the Geobike of Destiny so why not, right? It's awesome! So go to the garage and break out that old bike, hop on and just GO! You never know where your adventure will take you!
Have fun and live it up! BH 


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