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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Not Wednesday ~ Bloodhounded recaps The River Monster fishing tournament

The events below are my interpretation and true to my best recollection. They are in chronological order as the River Monster tournament on 7/5/2014 unfolded.  None of us were impaired as we chose to keep our wits and have a dry event. In no way did this reduce the FUN. No wildlife was harmed during this event (except for a few fishermen) and all of the fish were returned to their haunts. The pictures are actual photos of the event taken from our cameras. You may not “get” some of these points of interest just because, “you had to be there”. And, even though I took the tournament, I took no money as reward because this night was TEAM effort. None of us could have had the success we enjoyed without everyone’s help both riverside landing these monsters and shore side as well. We shared baits, gear, tips, fishing stories, made room for everyone where the fish were biting, made new friends and even though it was very competitive, in the end, we were all winners and good sportsman.

Thanks to all the guys who came out and fished. Enjoy! 
  • After a fun day at our block party it was time to get serious and get going
  • I got to the river to secure our fishing spot at 5:45PM it was a picture perfect day
  • I was waiting for my son, Brian and our fishing buddy Rob who were running a little late
  • At 7PM I was the only one at our location and decided to start fishing
  • 5 min later I get that old familiar tap tap tap
  • While bringing in the small one my other rod goes bobbing! 
  • I opened the spool on the small one and lifted the other rod quick, yes, a nicer one
  • By the time Rob and Bri come, I have two fish on my lines, at the same time, HELP!
  • We catch a few nice catty's one with really weird eyes………it was creepy
  • I cast in and set my rod down and "swoosh" it flies off the bank (literally) and into the river it goes
  • Rob tries to snag it with this huge jig and with the first cast to try to save it, he’s got a big bass
  • After several tries no rod:( It's gone for good with some huge fish on the other end
  • Now I'm down to one rod (reducing my chances by 50%) and we are all a little nervous about losing our rods
  • Joe shows up and starts fishing
  • We were telling Joe the story of the lost rod and the next thing you know Brian is diving to the river edge on his stomach and just barely saves his rod and a nice fish
  • We have spectators. A flock of geese were very close by watching all the action
  • Things slowed down a bit and right before dark we saw a blue hereon, a nice sunset and heard a screech owl calling to her young
  • Headlamps on and enjoying a riverside fireworks display with bombs going off everywhere and what
    the hell is that “glowing” up in the sky?
  • That’s when the big ones started hitting
  • My single rod, now in hand almost gets ripped out of my hands but I was ready. I landed a monster!
  • Now we are all pumped, afraid to leave our rods even to take a leak. I had to go sooooo bad but wouldn't dare just set my only rod down, no way!
  • Joe latches into a big one and in the midst of all the excitement we kind of ignored the Sasquatch across the river sharing our excitement with some loud wild screams that no human could make
  • Things slow down again, chill sets in, bugs disappear and everything gets super quite. It was weird.
  • What the hell was that crashing in the trees back there?
  • Brian has a turtle, no he’s snagged, no it’s a BIG turtle he could feel movement, no he’s caught on someones line, MY LINE (my lost rod and the fish is still on!) Odds are probably over one million to one for any of us to snag it this way. I was very excited!
  • We figure out quickly that one side is a fish and the other is my rod!
  • The big, long, sleek, greenish gold looking fish comes near the surface and in my mind, the way that rod went in the river and by the looks of it  ,    'it’s a musky!"
  • I realize that I’m standing there with 30lb braided line wrapped around my bare hand and a muskie on the other end! Not smart…."wheres the gloves?!"
  • I think we were yelling, “where’s the gloves?) several times that night. We were catching some big nasty fish
  • Quickly I cut the line and tie it too my other rod to land the fish ("how strong is that blood knot?" "We're about to find out"). It’s not a musky, it’s a big ol catfish but no one is disappointed and the fish is credited to Brian for catching it and rightfully so
  • Brian tends to his fish while I try to get my rod out of the river. Pull, pull, pull, nothing! So I figured Id try to break it off and it came free! Yep, I got my rod back! 3 ½ hours after I lost it! 
  • I didn't care if I didn't even catch another fish and that would be the case
  • But I did catch two huge snapping turtles one right after the other and a river monster of it’s own right
  • Hiking that mile back to the cars in the darkness and thinking about that Sasquatch was kinda creepy  
  • Back at the cars we all agreed that not consuming any adult beverages was a very good idea on the Saturday night of the 4th of July weekend and now it’s 2:30 AM prime time
  • As I drove back home I tried to piece together all the events of the evening my head was spinning and I was beat
  • I merged of the expressway and BAM, a DUI checkpoint!
  • I pull up and got the usual, license and registration, where are you going and coming from? I told them I was fishing for a River Monster and they asked me to get out of the car and walk the line
  • The cop took one look at what a mess I was (muddy shoes, filthy pants with chicken liver muck all over them) and he laughed. I showed them the fishing pictures on my phone and we were swapping fish stories for about 20 minutes until the next car pulled in
  • When I got home at 3:30AM and I couldn't sleep. Finally went to bed at daybreak with thoughts of big catty's dancing in my head.     
  • I won the tournament and accepted the winner title but took no money
I got so much more than money out of the night, new friends, great times, fun with my son and a huge cat fish with an awesome picture! Who needs money?

This is why we fish and keep coming back to the river even after day after day of catching nothing. We still return to the river in hopes of latching into a River Monster!

Their out there…….


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