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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where did it go?


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and imagine caches placed  back where they belong.

The other day I received an email from a cacher who had found one of my caches. He stated that it was wet and needed the CO’s attention. I decided that I had better get out there and check it out. So the next morning I headed to work a little early and stopped to check it out.

I arrived at GZ and the first thing I noticed was that the cache was not exactly where I had placed it the first time. Also, the guy was right; it was wet inside, but the log was dry. I removed everything out of the container and wiped it out with some paper towels that I had brought along. I think I’ll start carrying some of them in my caching pack from now on. Once I had it cleaned out and dry I put most of the swag back in, but left out the stuff that has been in there since day one. I figured if no one has taken it by now it needs to be removed. I then put some cool swag back in its place. That got me thinking about something; do you place the cache back exactly where you found it?

Sometimes when I arrive at GZ I have trouble finding the cache and then I realize that maybe someone else did not put it back exactly where it was supposed to be.

You know how it goes; you find the cache and your kids paw through the swag while you’re signing the log book, and then when the stuff gets put back inside your kids say “I’ll put it back dad”, so you let them. The only problem is that they don’t really put it back where it was. Then the next guy comes along and finds it and the same thing happens all over again. Before you know it your container is not where you placed it.

I therefore submit that we all change how we approach a cache when hunting for it. I am resolved to REALLY take notice where a cache is placed when I arrive at GZ. Is it in a stone wall? Is it in a pile of logs?

Is it under a rock? Is it hanging from a tree branch? Is it in a bush? The where is just as important as the how.

So next we look at how it was placed.  If it’s covered with bark and sticks I’ll be sure to do my best to recover it just the same way as when I got there. I’ll ask myself “how high in the tree is it” before I take it down.

                                            Is that high enough?

                                        Do you see the ammo can?
I’ll look at how the rocks were placed around the cache so I can place them back in the same order. Maybe the top rock is covered with moss and if I don’t place it back the same way it won’t look natural. Always remember that a cacher is looking for things that are not natural looking, or things that just look out of place.  

I’ll also watch my kids rehide the cache to make sure they put it back like we found it. If I can do this, and you could too, then maybe we’ll have better luck at finding those caches, and making sure they are placed ever so carefully back just as we found them.
I realize that some caches are just plain hard to find and that is okay, but this is a way that we can make sure that the cache we find is placed back just as we found it so it’s ready for the next cacher to find.  I think we can ALL make a difference in cache placement and that will keep the game fun for everyone for a long, long, time. 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Good point and a good lesson. Thanks al!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

One thing I am impressed with my son when he caches is his diligence in putting the cache back *exactly* as found, down to the last blade of grass or bark used for camo. He is quite insistent that he gets it right.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

It's an interesting point BigAl, I like to move away from GZ with the cache container to sign the log and look at the swag. In my early days I used to go back and think, was that the place, so today I always carry a small red plastic disc which I place in GZ to make sure it goes back correctly. Oh I obviously put the disc back into my pocket as I leave.

Sonny Davis said...

I agree with the above comments. It is a good point indeed and I have to admit that there may have been a time or two that I didn't heed this advice. Rest assured; however, each time I geocache from here forward, I'll remember your post. Thanks BigAl.


Oh come on, nothing gets those geocaching juices flowing like doing some maintenance and having to "find" your own cache. Just for fun I once posted a DNF, ON MY OWN CACHE!And asked the last finder for a clue.
There is a lot to be said for placing it back EXACTLY the way you found it.
Great point on an often overlooked part of our sport.

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