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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some really great caches! If Trees Could Talk

Click on picture to get a better view
Found it

Thought this was the perfect opportunity to get this one without a watercraft. The creek bed was dry and just a small stream running compared to the massive body of water that was present when I assisted the CO in placement of this cache. I was accompanied by my young male hound and gave him the GPS’r to find it. We were a bit on guard after seeing several rattlesnakes in the area over the last few weeks but, with his trusty BB gun in hand “he” felt more confident. I on the other hand packed something with a little more of a punch (just in case). We did not encounter any reptiles however it was strange to be walking in the barren creek bed, almost desert like and lacked any vegetation or signs of life. The cache location is awesome and after several minutes of searching many of the cracks, crevices, holes and dark places the cache was found. It is in excellent condition and is now packed with swag after we added a few Matchbox cars, a custom decal racer, punch balloon, die cast John Deer tractor and a Bloodhounded geocoin that I had reserved as a FTF gift for cache I never had time to place (Dan always stocks up my caches so I felt I owed him). This is a well done cache and a great view from the cache site.
Thanks for the cache and the opportunity for some Father and Son time with my boy!

I miss this car! Our Geo Mobile and literally a Geo

My body guard for the day, it was cool!

When the Dodger first placed the cache......

To when we were there. Pretty much a dry bed

Just had to hop over a creek or two and you were there

It was like walking on the Moon with the weird weathering

I loved being able to walk 30 feet under water

All in all, it was a cache that I'll always remember and a great day out with my Body Guard aka my son. That was four years ago, it's hard to believe. You may find high water and might be best to walk the route from 115 or yak in. It's a view of the dam that few see and this massive tree must have been hundreds of years old. Well done.


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