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Thursday, June 19, 2014

ARE YOU ON FIRE? DIY Fire Extinguisher Geocache


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and... on second thought grab that Fire Extinguisher.

Have you ever felt like you were on fire? Do you feel like you need some way to cool yourself off? Well I've got just what you need.

Join me, BigAL, from the Geocaching Department,  as I take you through 'how to make a Fire Extinguisher Geocache.'

The first thing you'll need is an EMPTY fire extinguisher (FX). Yeah I know everyone's got one laying around. Last month I had the local Fire Chief come to my place of work, which is a Senior Assisted Living Facility, for a Fire Safety In-Service for all of the employees. He went over how to use a FX. Our FX are mainly of the ABC type. They can be used on wood, cloth, and electrical fires. At work we use the PASS system. P/pull the pin, A/aim the hose at the base of the fire, S/squeeze the handle and trigger, and finally S/Sweep the hose side to side. Our FX are only good for a trash can size fire or smaller. Anything bigger and we let the firemen handle it.

He also talked about never turning your back on a fire, even if it seems like it is out. Always back away from the fire while facing it just in case it flares up again. Since I am the Fire Trainer at work I also went over what to do during a fire drill or actual fire. We have residents come out of their rooms and proceed toward the exit. We make sure the windows are closed and then as we leave the room we close the door and place an orange tag on the outside of the door knob. This indicates to all staff, and to the firemen, that the room has been cleared of all people.

We talked about the importance of knowing how to use a manual pull station, which when pulled activates the fire alarms.

That's the red box that says PULL on it and everyone in school tells you to never touch it. We look at it in a different light.  Sometimes I have staff actually pull them to initiate a fire drill. They need to know what it feels like to pull one and just how quickly the alarm sounds when it is pulled. This little box is what can save lives when used correctly.

The chief also talked about Stop, Drop, and Roll. That is what you do if you, or someone else, is on fire. Never try to beat out a fire with something since it will more than likely only fan the flames. We also went over how important it is to have an accurate head count of all staff and residents. You really need to make sure you know where everyone is during the drill or actual situation.

After we were done talking the chief lit a special metal drum filled with rags soaked in a propellant.  Then we allowed our staff members to take turns using a real FX to put out the flames.

Everyone enjoys this, especially those who have never done it before. Usually they say they are afraid, but after they do it once they always end up asking if they can do it again. This gives them real, live, experiences at putting out a real fire.

Okay, now that we have an empty FX we'll get into making it into a Geocache.

Once a FX is empty (make sure all pressure is out of it) you can remove the top if it is a screw top cylinder. (A lot of them are.) Any remaining powder can be poured out into a garbage can.

Next rinse it out thoroughly. Be careful not to breath in the dusty fumes. They are not really harmful, but you still don't want to do it. Once it is all clean  I let it dry over night. Then it's time to glue the bison tube in place.

I also let that dry overnight and then trimmed off the extra glue that always seems to come out of the edges. Then it should look like the below picture.

Then you put it all together and slap a GC sticker on the side. This way folks who happen to see it will take a better look at it and realize it is not a FX that can be used.

Since the canister is empty if you wanted to you could put very small items inside.
This way it could be a micro, regular, or even a multi-cache. The possibilities are endless.

Wherever you place this cache be sue to get permission from the land owner. I might just put this in the woods where most people would not see it. Maybe it'll be called Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire, or Fire in the hole, Fire Away, Where there's Smoke there's Fire, or maybe I'll call it "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!"

Just remember, have fun, play safe and learn how to use a Fire Extinguisher.


Sylinda said...

I can't wait to find this one!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

That is fantastic. This should NEVER be hidden in a place where a normal fire extinguisher would be. For one you don't want to encourage people from messing with safety gear (even tho it is marked as a geocache), and the other being you don't want anyone mistaking it for a working fire extinguisher in the event of an actual emergency.

Out in the woods tho - awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!


You know I love this! I am into all kinds of crazy cache containers and appreciate the DIY on this one!
Thanks BigAl437! Great post!

Kyle Powell said...

Containers like this are fun to find,i like this one alot.i made one like the fire alarm,but i never would have thought of what you did .that is awesome.

Lea said...

I love the idea :) I vote for "Only you can prevent forest fires".. and place it in the woods where it is not normally seen :)

Greg Marcus said...

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