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Thursday, May 1, 2014

You Da Dad

This post is to all of the dads out there. I hope it's an encouragement to you on being a dad. Sometimes we get so busy doing our own thing that we forget to take time for our kids.

A friend of mine has a ministry where he travels around encouraging dads, moms, and families across the country. This story is one that I shared with him to encourage him, as well as others on what we Dads sometimes have to do to make a memorable time for our kids. I hope you enjoy it.

Todd, I want to share something with you that happened for my son’s 16th birthday and I just had to keep telling myself what you always say, “You Da Dad”; just do it.
My son wanted to take some of his friends bowling for his 16th birthday. I told him that would be fun. Plus we had enough bowling coupons that the kids could all get one free game and I’d only have to pay for one other game per person.  Well we had to reschedule it several times due to things that happened and his friends just couldn't make it some days, and the bowling alley started leagues early. We finally chose a day that would work for everyone and we made all of the plans. But then I found out I was supposed to work that Saturday. Grrrr. Well I did what any dad would do and switched with someone else at work to have the day off. 

The day finally came and my wife told me that the parents would be dropping off their kids and then we would go to the bowling alley. Oh, did I forget to mention that NONE of the other parents could help transport the kids to the bowling alley! So I had to make one trip with four of the kids while the other kids waited for the last boy to show up. They waited with my wife at our house. Now the bowling alley is not just around the corner either. It’s a good drive to get there. 

I arrived with the first set of kids and we went inside only to find out there was a kids bowl-a-thon and they did not have two lanes for us that were together, and they didn't know when we could bowl. The guy said maybe two hours or so. I was not a happy camper, but I didn't let it show. I talked with the owner and he said he could call the other bowling alley and see what they had. Well they did have two lanes there and he asked them to save them in my name. So I called my wife and packed the kids up and we headed out. Oh, by the way this one is even farther away.
We arrived at where I thought the bowling alley was just to find out I was on the wrong side of town. I told myself to keep smiling and get out the GPS. I plugged in the GPS and we were only 15 minutes away through town. 

We arrived and went inside to find out there was a little kids birthday party there with bumper pads and the Cosmic bowling lights flashing. I told my son this was all for him. They all laughed. Then I found out they did not honor our coupons since they were for the other bowling alley. I wanted to cry, but I smiled and said two games please as I pulled out the wallet.  Then I drove all the way home to get the other kids and bring them back. We finally were all together and they all started to bowl as I watched. They all bowled their two games, talked, and laughed. What a blast they had. We had taken numbers of who thought they would get the highest score and most of them were not any where near that. But they had fun.  When we were done we went back to our house for homemade pizza, soda, chips, and cookies. Oh, and yes it was two more trips back and forth, but it was worth it when I heard, that was great dad; Thanks. 
Now this may not have gone as I had planned, but my son and his friends had lots of fun and he’ll always remember how his dad handled the situation with a smile on his face. I want to say thanks Todd for all you do and how I am reminded to suck it up and be Da Dad. Our job is to allow them to have fun and create lots of good memories for their futures when they have kids. Is he going to remember how much dad spent on all of them? Probably not, but he will remember how much fun they had and how it made his day for the big 16.
Just remember,  You Da Dad!


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Well done Rob and very wise words. Thank you for reminding me. ..

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