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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welcome To Space!

So, what happens when a group of geocachers get together and decides they want to do something different/epic/memorable in their local area? What you get is SPACE 2081!
SPACE 2081
So, what is SPACE 2081?  The answer has two parts: First, SPACE stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Area Cache Enthusiasts.  Second, SPACE 2081 is a series of 81 caches covering the full geocaching difficulty/terrain grid combinations based in and around Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
To Bouldy Go
To Bouldy Go: Make sure you get this one when it hasn't rained too much!
Now that you know something about SPACE 2081, we want to give proper credit to our inspiration southwest of us: LOST81 and its overwhelming success was the model for our series. Finding some of the LOST 81 caches and reading logs from some of the others was what inspired us to create a series of our own.  Maybe we will have to have a mutli-region series in the future called LOST in SPACE (sorry, couldn’t resist). 
Don’t Panic's log on LOST81 (3.0/2.5) At the Border
11/22/2010: FTF 3:37 pm. Going out in search of the new LOST81 caches is starting to be a Monday afternoon tradition! I drove up here as soon as I got out of work and pulled into a parking spot along the road behind a jeep. I was sure that it must be a cacher but I looked down into the woods and saw a hunter patiently sitting on a log. Luckily there was a nice path to follow down to GZ a few hundred feet up the road out of the way of the hunter. I arrived at GZ and checked a few wrong spots before finding the cache. I signed the log a few seconds later! I think this is my favorite LOST81 cache so far. I always enjoy finding cache like this one. TFTC!

So, now you want to go out and find all 81 and collect the final.  Well, cool your jets junior space ranger. You should first know what to expect of the series.  You will find great locations.  You will find interesting, cute, and creative containers.  Don’t forget the mind bending puzzles.  And, of course, some insanely difficult caches that will test each and every skill you learned at the Space Academy. What’s that? You have never found a 5-star difficulty or terrain cache?  How are you ever going to complete this series????
We have some good news and bad news. Early on, we decided that in order for this series to be Epic we had to make sure the difficulty level matched or exceeded Groundspeak’s published guidelines. Our aim here is not for every cache to be "follow your GPSr until it hits 0 feet, then look down at your feet to find the cache." Some caches will require long bushwhacking hikes, special skills or equipment, solving horribly confusing puzzles, and hides so well hidden you would think they have their own cloaking device.

Stamp My Art’s log on SPACE2081 [3.5/5.0] GeoForce Be With You
Came prepared after "hearing" we should...not sure what to expect -- arrived at GZ and thought hmmmm...really??? Then met up with the Cache guardian. We weren't really sure what to expect of him...he started   spinning 3 times in circles then headed right where I wanted to go. Okay,   let's try this way -- nopes too far don't really want to do that. Squeak, splash....wait wuts with the frogs they squeak around here? hmmmmm.... Wander wide to the other side keeping an eye out for Charlie the Cache Guard dog or is it groundhog, hahaha... (and yes he really did spin around 3 times earlier so we weren't sure of his status) - I made my way to the other side for the attempt. Ewwww.... okay... found it kind of where I suspected -- too bad for the guardian preventing a different approach. Signed the log stuffed everything back in...made my way back to....**** yeah back to the rest of the group, squish, sink...ugh. yeah UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to get the code grrrr... back I go! NO... really I want to go that way -- nopes Charlie Cache guard is still there and I cannot get past -- I must go the way from which I just came...the force just didn't want to be with me today -- I had to do it the unique way haha. Had a blast! T: TB SL TFTC!

Zooming Boomers’ log on SPACE2081 [4.5/2.0] True Inspiration
Shared FTF with TheShadowHunters @7:00am. We started early last night on this new puzzle. We knew almost immediately we were in trouble when we didn't understand what that black pointy thing was. So, we called on some of our younger caching friends, perkwhite and TheShadowHunters. It helps that THS is a big time gamer and perkwhite is a math genius. Got the first few stages quickly but had to juggle the formula. We worked till late in the evening and finally made our way to the final coords. Quite a "layer cake" journey. Unfortunately, perkwhite couldn't join us this morning to make the find. A quick grab in a very familiar area. Thanks for the adventure and TFTH!

It bothered me that I couldn't even manage to find the decoy last time I was here, even though everybody else did, so I had to come back and poke around some more. Okay, I SHOULD have saw that last time but maybe the lighting wasn't good. It was overcast today which you would think would make it worse, but maybe that meant less shadows/contrast. Five minutes or so after locating the decoy, I found the REAL cache. I was telling 4wheelin_fool about this cache and how I thought it was hidden and he made a suggestion about what it could be. Turns out he was correct...he must be psychic! This was truly evil...thanks for the fun! I might have to come back and jump in that awesome swimming hole when it is hotter out.

That's the bad news. The good news is that we LOVE to give hints. Cachers can reach us through a variety of ways. You can send us an email from the cache page which goes to multiple space cadets (who usually respond pretty quickly.) Contact us through our Facebook pageTwitter, or post on our forums where hints and cache discussions are already posted. The important thing is to have fun and not drive yourself so crazy that you make it your solemn vow to hunt down every SPACE member and break their GPSrs so they can never place a hide again.

In the meantime, you can check out our website where we have a map of all our caches so far, automatically updated SPACE 2081 finder rankings, personalized grids where anyone who has found any Space caches can see a grid of the caches in the series they’ve found, and quick stats on each individual cache. See you in Space!

 Note from Bloodhounded: This post was contributed by a member of this project who wishes to remain anonymous. It sounds totally cool doesn't it?



This is such a great project and so many levels! You guys have just instantly upgraded the geocaching in your area. This had to be tough to do and I'm sure much effort went into placing such a large volume of excellent hides! We at CacheCrazy.Com support this effort 100%. Nice job guys!

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