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Friday, May 16, 2014


For those of us who live in the Wyoming Valley, in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the recent rash of suicides in the area and gripped at our hearts, and left us scratching our heads.  What was going on in the minds of these young men and women in the time leading up to their unfortunate death?  Could it have been prevented?  Was there a cry for help, be it said or unsaid?

The first of the suicides gripped our community particularly hard.  One of my stepdaughters lost a classmate. All the children in our house were left with questions.  The word, which spread like wildfire through school that day, was the young man was a victim of bullying.  The harassment he received at school and online, proved too much for him, and he took his own life.

As a parent, and stepparent, I asked myself: "How easily could this have been one of my own?"

A week or two ago, the community came together at our high school for a forum on bullying.  Representatives from the school district and the local authorities were present to discuss bullying in our schools, and what we, as parents, can do about it.  What are the warning signs?  How do I talk to my child about problems in school?

Speaking as a man in my mid-30's', things are certainly different from when I was in school.  Sure, bullying existed in my youth.  Who didn't get picked on, for whatever reason, at the playground?  Kids can be cruel, and I don't think that will ever change.  What has changed, however, is technology.  Here, in 2012, the bullying doesn't stop when the bell rings to signify the end of the school day.  Between social media, video chat, and text messaging, the problem is virtually there 24/7.

During his presentation during the forum, a representative from the Luzerne County Detectives Office asked the adults in attendance if anyone  knew what Oovoo was. (For those not in the know, it's a video conferencing application, similar to Skype.)  He pointed out an adult in the crowd who leaned towards his son and asked him what the detective was referring to.  What the detective didn't know was the adult is, in fact, a junior high teacher.  That being said, the detective raised a very good point.  What do we, as the adults, know about this technology?

Love and protect your kids, always!

As geocachers, we tend to have a leg up on certain technologies.  Many of us share the geocaching experience with our children, and as such, share the knowledge of the many applications and utilities available to us in the geocaching community.  Perhaps we can take some time out and educate ourselves, with the help of our kids, on other technologies they use.  We may not be on Kik (look it up), but many of our children are, and it is to our advantage to know who they're talking to, and how they're doing it.

For those on twitter, many are using the hash tag #stopbullying to voice their opinions and support on the subject.



This is a perfect example of how eclectic CacheCrazy.Com is! What a great message! As a skinny, awkward nerd growing up, I put up with a lot of bullying. I hated it and remember the feeling of being out there on my own. It's not a good place to be. I totally support any efforts to protect, support and enhance happiness in all children's lives.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great post and this is an issue that certainly needs more attention in schools!

Jenni Fregin said...

thank you for sharing this .. this is important for sure!! to many of our children are killing them selves be cause of this and i will do what ever i have to do to make sure my daughter will not go through this torture because she will have 2 mothers.

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