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Friday, May 9, 2014

Mr. Thomas

I enjoyed my years as a Boy Scout.  Many of my favorite memories come from the many camping trips we went on.  Even as a kid, I enjoyed the preparation leading up to these trips.  I spent some time as Quartermaster, and had the responsibility of making sure the troop's supplies were stocked up, packed and ready to go.  Personally, I would double and triple-check my backpacks, making sure I had anything and everything camping related.  You never know when you're gonna need that P-38.

We regularly camped out at the hunting cabin of one of our Scoutmasters, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Thomas.  Some of the best times of my youth were spent at the cabin.  Camping outside in subfreezing temperatures, building glorious bonfires, learning how to shoot a shotgun, learning to tie devious knots, we did it all there.  Mr. Thomas was a great teacher.  The guy seemed to be a fountain of knowledge.  He wasn't the proverbial "guy in charge" in our troop, but he certainly was the go-to guy.

What a motley crew! (Middle row, first from the left, in case you're looking.)

One of the many qualities Mr. Thomas possessed was that he was a walking example of the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared".  It always seemed he had an answer for everything!  No matter what the topic was, be it nature, history, baseball, or whatever, Mr. Thomas was ready with an answer.  What always seemed to be more impressive, though, was his endless stash of tools.  He had a knack for pulling bizarre tools out of his backpack that we'd never heard of, much less thought of using, in given situations.  We learned 1,001 different ways to build a lean-to, thanks to the man we jokingly referred to as MacGyver.

Mr. Thomas would approve!

I wish Geocaching existed back in my Scouting years.  I have no doubt Mr. Thomas would have been Geocacher.  I can picture him riddling his land with awesome caches, just waiting for us to explore and find.  Mr. Thomas passed away in 2001.  I often think of him when out on the trails.  I like to think he'd be proud, especially when out exploring the rarely-seen, and when partaking stage retrieval.  I know if he were alive, he'd be right behind my climbing that tree or hanging off that ledge.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a nice tribute to Mr. Thomas. I was a girl scout and it was definitely a great experience for me as well. Probably part of the reason I feel so comfortable in the woods.


I think we all have our Mr Thomas's in our lives. They are an adult who took the time to make an impression on us with their love for the outdoors. For me, it was Mr. Richards, a neighbor who taught me how too flyfish.
Great post!

Sonny Davis said...

I agree that this was a very nice tribute and well said. I must admit that the MacGyver reference made me chuckle a bit...he's one of my heroes (LOL)

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