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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Not Wednesday ~ Hey Bloodhounded, what's for dinner?

Did you know that in addition to my "real job" as a program director for a USDA school lunch subsidy grant, on the weekends I am a saute cook at a popular restaurant? I've done it for years and I really enjoy working with a great team of guys and gals who teach and learn with enthusiasm. I like to add some dishes from my favorites to the specials and always boast how people are ordering my meals. Then I secretly urge the waitstaff to come back and tell how much the customers enjoyed it and gave their compliments to the chef. This gets the cooks all fired up and they try to out do me. It makes for a great working environment and the customers must love it!

At home I am also the primary cook. I do all the kids and Mrs. Bloodhounded's lunches for school, supervise a healthy breakfast and make dinner four of the seven days of the week. Again, I love to cook so it's all good with me. It's relaxing. Hey, some guys grab a beer after work, I grab a knife, you got a problem with that? LOL.....

By looking at these pictures of ingredients, do you know what Bloodhounded's making for dinner? If not, just click on the picture for the entree and my recipe.
Bon Appetit!





Ann said...

Yum..... Ok sir........when are you coming to our house to cook for us please. ;-)

Lea said...

My husband cooks better than I do. You have a lucky household who gets to taste your cooking! :)

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