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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Adventures with ~ The Eagles

Here we go with another Monday adventure! Monday's just got a lot better! let's get right to it!

The other day I was mentioning how we weren't the only ones who were fishing, and I shared the photos of the gorgeous Grizzly sow and her 4 cubs. Well, here are the feathered "fishermen" that were absolutely EVERYWHERE.

I have never seen so many eagles in my life!

They were nearly as abundant as pigeons in a city park.

Bald eagles, golden eagles....simply gorgeous!

And just wait...I have a few more "fishermen" to share!

AWESOME! Conni, you really took some great pictures! I can't wait until next Monday to see what is next....... see you then. 
See this post on Conni's blog 


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