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Monday, April 21, 2014

GUEST BLOG - Jenny from Jenny Goes Geocaching - Geocaching: More Than A Hobby

You're Monday morning just got much better!

Meet Jenny who owns and operates Jenny Goes Geocaching  a great geocaching blog that contains excellent works. She's a 4th grade teacher in Maine and that keeps her busy but when the time allows, she's off on another adventure geocaching and having fun! She also brings a unique view and I have enjoyed her work and writing style. So enough about that, let's get to some Monday morning geocaching and what it means to Jenny. 
Thanks Jenny!

Geocaching: More Than A Hobby
Many geocachers list the hobby as just that, a hobby.  Admittedly, that’s how it started out for me.  I’ve been caching for almost a year and my attitude about it has changed dramatically since my first find in August of 2010.

Geocaching satisfied two things I was looking for at the time.  One was a hobby.  I’d previously tried knitting, scrapbooking, and other arts and craft type things but I didn’t have the creative chops to keep going after I got started.  The second thing I needed was exercise.  I spent most of my day standing or sitting at the front of a classroom and needed to get my body moving.  I considered it a miracle that I could satisfy both of my needs by picking up geocaching.

jjtuttle and peaceout
I had been at it for about a month when I realized another benefit of geocaching: a social life.  On a hot summer day in August, I was approached by a lady I had been teaching with for a year.  She asked me how geocaching was going.  I was shocked!  Apparently she found my profile on  We soon made a date to go geocaching together.  Since then, we’ve chatted about First to Finds in the hall, sent and received emails about newly published caches, and even gave small gifts related to our shared interest. 

My sister, Lacey
The next year, my husband and I moved to Bangor, about an hour from Lincoln.  I have to thank geocaching for taking me on a tour of my new home base and for helping me meet new friends in the area.  We’ve had two geocaching meet ups at the Bangor City Forest and several smaller get togethers.  Geocaching has helped me fit into a place that I was initially scared of.
My sister, Holly
Not only was I able to build new friendships, but I discovered that I was also strengthening my old relationships.  At Christmas, my entire family went trudging through knee-deep snow to try out my favorite new pastime.  Now, every time we get together, my sister Holly asks if there are any new geocaches that we can find.  Most of my family has been on an adventure or two with me.  

My friends Christy, Jordan, and Derek have been on numerous occasions, often with them initiating the hunt!  Two of the ladies I used to teach with have started their own accounts and one plans to write a murder mystery with a geocaching theme!  My husband Brad has been across Maine and New England in the pursuit of a Bison tube or ammo can.  He and Derek even took me to Pennsylvania on my birthday so I could attend my first ever GeoWoodstock even.

Speaking of GeoWoodstock, there’s another benefit-the travel.  I never realized how many beautiful sights there were to see within 25, 50, or 100 miles of where I live.  Often times after traipsing through the woods, I’ll go to move a branch from my path and stumble across a beautiful lake or the sun sharing its last rays of light on the calm water of the river.  Once I even saw an overturned, rusted out car on the shore of a lake.  I’ve seen grave stones older than the towns they’re mounted in.  You’ve probably heard the saying “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”?  Well that couldn’t be more true than with geocaching.

So if someone were to laugh and say that geocaching is an obsession for me, not a hobby, I’d probably have to agree with them.  

Sounds to me Jenny, that you may have a case of CacheCrazy!

Thanks again Jenny, we really appreciate your contribution I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of Jenny's work in the near future.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great blog post. I know exactly what she means on so many levels. Happy caching!

smithie23 said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Jenny. I got into caching for pretty much the same reasons. I was obsessed, at first, with finding out what the game was about. I then became obsessed with the game itself!

Anonymous said...

I think we can all relate to your post and now it's a lost cause, I'm cachecrazy for sure. I like the post Jenny and hope you post here again. Thanks!

BigAl said...

Great article Jenny. I was at GWSIX too, but don't think I saw you. I was the one in the blue hat that said Author. LOL. Nice pictures too. All my friends think I'm obsessed too with caching. Matter of fact my Sunday School class just had a picnic and we ended it by finding a few caches I hid just for them. They had a blast. More on that in another article. Thanks again.

Dodger said...

Thanks for the fun article and welcome aboard! I hear you about interesting places close to home. That falls in nicely with an occasional series we're going to run.

Thanks again!

Chris said...

Hi Kevin, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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