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Monday, April 28, 2014

Geocaching at Riverwalk Park in Naperville, IL

 Today is usually Big Al's day but he is having some technical difficulties in our Dalton, PA substation. So ol' Bloodhounded always has an article or two up his sleeve and is always willing to help a friend.

Notes from the author: I was recently in Chicago, IL on business but stayed in Naperville to visit a friend (actually my boss). I had some time to do a little caching and decided to visit a nice little park along the river. Come along for a river walk with me.

Chicago, IL is my all time favorite city. It's so clean and I'm not sure exactly who is responsible but there are parks everywhere and beautiful big old trees. Even when I fly in, from an aerial view you can quickly see what I mean. They built one beautiful city and preserved one billion trees. Enough about Chicago, I'll have a post on some Windy City caching in the future. Today, I want to take you to a beautiful little suburb of Chicago called Naperville. Most people might  know it for being in the upper end of the median, beautiful homes, great schools and listed as one of the top 10 places to live. Its about 28 miles west of Chicago, IL. It's a lovely little city and within it's boundaries is wonderful little park called, Riverwalk Park.

I found five caches within the park that I felt could be done in the few hours that I had to geocache. It was also the first time I used c:geo on my smart phone along with my GPS'r as a back up. I started with GC1N5WH  Zip, Zam, Zowie and Swoosh - Skateboarding and I'm glad I did. This was one freaking tough cache. I don't want to be a spoiler but lets just say it was devious and at first I didn't want to fool with it! I did find it but I chewed up nearly 1/3 of my time doing so.

Moving onto the the actual park area where I started my river walk. What a beautiful place! This nice brick paved walk area was basically all mine during the time and I loved it.There were squirrels frolicking everywhere and all kinds of birds and even ducks. I brought up GCJVR0 Hear The Bells Chime which was only .20 away.  I made this geocache find much harder than it had to be. I was trying to use my smartphone exclusively but found myself back to my GPS'r and back on track. Got it! Only an hour and a half left! I had better get my butt in gear.

I had to walk quickly to my next cache which was GCTBJ4 Paddle Boat Fun which was another tough one! It was "naturally" camouflager and very well placed. So far I was happy about the quality of the caches and the cache containers but I could't find a regular cache to save my life in this park. I eyed up a multi that was archived and thought that if I had the time I would at least check out some of the stages but time was not on my side and I had a good walk ahead of me to the next cache so, away I went.

The walk to the final cache was awesome! I was moving along at good pace and all of a sudden my cell rang, WORK! I hate when work calls come in while I'm doing something as important as seeking a geocache! But, since they were paying for the trip I figured I would at the very least answer and, well and lie! After 4 minutes into the conversation and 340 FT from GZ I said, "I have a call coming in I have to take, bye". Finally, I was at GC26HED Where The River Walk Ends. This for me was another tough one. I had to expand my search and once I did that it was in hand quickly. Now I had exactly ten minutes to get back and get ready for a meeting! I must have looked silly running in dress pants, shoes and shirt but I made it.

In some way that geocaching adventure fueled my fire because I was on top of my collective game and totally nailed that meeting. After dinner I retired for the night while all the other guys went out and got drunk. The next morning I was the only one on time and in any kind of condition to meet our clients but hey, that's what I get paid the big bucks for, lol!

If you are ever in the Naperville area, spend a few hours caching at Riverwalk Park. It was a lot of fun to see new sights and finding micros really isn't my thing but when your 700 miles away from your home turf, any cache will do!

Have Fun and Cache Crazy!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Naperville is a beautiful area. I know exactly where you were! Did you know that the oldest cache east of the Mississippi is not far from here? GC28. We may have to get you out there on one up your upcoming trips. Its in a great area and there are lots of caches right there.

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