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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Indian Lake Tour


Well folks with all of this snow we've had, and cold temps, I thought I'd give us all something to think about to hopefully bring on some warmer weather. Enjoy!

Come along with us for some real fun.

                      (Sung to the tune of  Gilligan's Island Theme song)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
 a tale of a caching trip 
that started from this little port aboard this pontoon ship. 

The mate was a mighty sailing gal 
Skipper James a new cacher 
five passengers set sail that day 
for a great caching tour, a great caching tour. 

The weather started getting rough,
 the pontoon  ship was tossed,
 if not for the courage of the fearless crew 
the caching would be naught, the caching would be naught. 

The ship set ground of a shore like this we'll be caching for a while,
with Aunt Suzie, 
Skipper James too,
Big Al,
and his wife Craftimom,
the Kyo-Kat,
Big Al Jr, 
and Cacheking1998
here on Indian Lake.
Oh, sorry I was getting a little carried away. On with our trip.

While in Ohio on our vacation my nephew decided to take us out on his boat for a relaxing ride. He told us we would really enjoy ourselves and we'd get to see some awesome sights, and enjoy some fabulous food. We all agreed this would be a nice adventure for the entire family. We loaded up the cars, hooked up his boat and headed for Indian Lake.

When we got there we put the boat in the water and headed out on the lake.  My nephew took us around the lake so we could see the size of it and take in all of the sights. I remembered being there as a young boy with my Dad and Mom, but it sure had changed over the past 40 plus years. He then drove us down some channels and I sure am glad I had my GPS with me so I knew where we were.

It was as we floated along that we began seeing all of the wildlife. This was just like being in a jungle setting. I think the only thing we did not see was a snake.

This Blue Heron was eating a fish and it looked like he was choking on it as he swallowed it. But he lived to fish another day.

This little guy was sunning himself and stretching his neck for all he was worth. He didn't seem to mind the photo shoot.

This Kingfisher on the other hand kept flying off when we would get close enough for a picture, so I decided it was time for the zoom function of the camera. He couldn't maintain his shyness forever. After seeing him we rounded a corner and we saw this little family on the shore.

This Redheaded Woodpecker on the tree was really far away, but not too far for a zoom lens.

Here are a few pictures of some of the houses along the lake that were really cool looking.

The right side of this house rolls up like a garage door. It is really cool. I couldn't get a picture of it with the door open, but trust me it is cool.

The barge is usually working during the week cleaning up the lake. Some of the islands were built this way.

Once we had taken a cruise around the lake we began the real fun; tubing. As we were getting ready to go tubing 'the weather started getting rough the pontoon ship was tossed', okay, so a storm blew in totally unexpected. We had to make a mad dash for the channel where the yacht club is located.

There we were able to tie down to the dock and wait out the storm and I'm glad we did. We did not really get much rain, but the wind was unbelievable. Once the storm passed by we headed back out to the middle of the lake and to our surprise there were no other boats on the lake. We had the entire lake to ourselves. Yippee!

Now many of you would say that a pontoon boat can't go very fast. Well let me tell you that being pulled on a tube at 17 mph is pretty fast. This was a total blast.

                    Okay, I'm ready to go so hit the throttle.  Hang on Big Al.

I must say that I let go for a reason. I was about to loose my sho... well let's just leave it with the fact that I let go and I was not thrown off no matter what the family says.

Well everyone got to go tubing and it was one of the funnest things we've done in a long time. This really worked up an appetite so we decided to go for some supper at the local pizza place. It is called Jac N Do's. This is a really nice place to eat. It's close to the water and that's what counts.

At this little place you pull up and park your boat and go right inside; suits and all. The only thing they ask is that you not come in soaking wet. We ordered our pizza and had a really nice meal. Then it was back to the boat for a relaxing after dinner cruise.

                                    Carl, Mom, and Katy

                               My sister Sue and my nephew James

Now that we were all rested up it was time for some caching fun. I knew there was a cache on a nearby island so we set sail for a three hour tour... I mean we set sail for the island. We got as close to the island as my nephew felt comfortable and then as he held it steady I jumped from the front of the boat onto the shore. Then we tied the boat to a picnic table while my sister stood boat guard. The rest of us began our search for the cache. Now this would be the first cache that my nephew would find, and hopefully not his last. He had signed up for an account just before coming and he was excited.

We had a very nice trail to walk along and pretty soon my GPS was showing GZ. I explained many things to him as we began searching. We all looked and looked and I kept thinking "no, not a DNF for his first one." Then my son yelled that he had found it. We went over and let my nephew open it up first. This was a nice ammo can. We moved away from the actual hide spot so as not to give anything away.

                     CacheKing1998, Craftimom, my nephew james.alfred78,
                                Bigaljr1693, and Kyo-Kat                            

My son ended up taking the TB you see in his hands since he was the one who actually found the cache. We all logged our find and put it back while I explained more to my nephew. He was hooked. We all got back in the boat and since the sun was beginning to set we thought we had better head back to the dock.

This turned out to be a wonderful day. We had lots of fun boating, eating, and caching, and now it was time to head back home. We dropped the boat off at the storage place and headed down the road. Since I was riding with my nephew we talked a lot about caching. Then it happened. His truck shut down totally. I mean it would not start at all. We ended up calling a tow truck to help us out and it's a good thing we did not have the boat along. We did make it back to the house, but as he said "it was worth it all." Thanks James for a wonderful time. Glad you're enjoying your new hobby, sport, well actually it's an addiction.

We eventually went back to PA and left my sister and her family there in Ohio. James is now up to 12 finds without any more help from me. What a trooper. Keep up it James.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

There is NOTHING like a day on the lake and you hit the grand slam - boating, tubing, caching and pizza!!! The sunset wasn't too shabby either. 2 thumbs up on your day.

Dodger said...

BA, you are having a kick-tail summer, brother! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Some nice shots.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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