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Monday, February 3, 2014

Travel Bugs and MaxB’s Escorted TB Group Tours ~ Guest Blog By Maxine B

I knew it would just be a matter of time before folks started organizing geocaching tours professionally and these guys know how to do it right! Enjoy a guest post by Maxine B as she tells their story and the first of many adventures here at CacheCrazy.Com. Let's Go! BH

Travel Bugs and MaxB’s Escorted TB Group Tours

We were introduced to geocaching in 2003 by our friend Madman Reitz and found it fun.  Mr. MaxB had been traveling for work 70% of the time all over the US since 1999 and he needed something to do after work other than read books in the hotel.  Geocaching seemed perfect and our adventure started. 

How did travel bugs fit into all of this?  Since we were traveling all over the country on a weekly basis, it was a good way to get TB’s moving in the correct direction or just getting some big mileage jumps.  After all that is what we wanted our TB’s to have happen.  We posted pictures of the TB’s on our back porch overlooking the St. Joseph River in Niles, at interesting locations as we traveled, and lots of times just funny pictures with other travel bugs with good hearted stories to go along.  We treated each travel bug as if they were real people, talking about them in the third person.  We had lots of nice emails from travel bug owners thanking us for taking such good care of their bugs bringing smiles and laughter to their day.

Jo-Jo the Alien (TBCE39), logged September, 2003, was one of our many laughs along the way.  Jo-Jo went Bumper Surfing with TB “64 VW Bus” while riding TB “No Goal”,  It was very difficult to convince him that TB “Big Mushy Kiss” was not his Mother Ship coming to take him back home.

In December of 2003, Mr. MaxB decided that we needed to step up our TB adventures and so MaxB’s Escorted Travel Bug Tour Groups began.  Our rules required that we needed to treat them just like a real person group tour.   We created Group Tour photos that were posted before their adventure began that included possible clues to where their destination was going to be. Then as we traveled we tried to post scenic photos from the area caches that they had visited.  When we first started, logging TBs through caches was time consuming as you need to drop and then retrieve each one individually.  The nice part was the TB owner got an email letting them know what their TB was doing and seeing.

Our greatest and most memorable tour, for us and TB owners, was MaxB’s “Around the World” tour where the Millennium Falcon (TB1B7F) was contracted to provide transportation.  

To follow the exciting journey:

It is always fun and an honor to have someone comment to us when we meet or pick up a different TB of theirs how they remember the fun virtual tours we gave their travel bug even if many years ago.  Because of our adventures and the fun we share within geocaching we have friends all around the world. 

MaxB’s Escorted Travel Bug Group Tours have visited all 50 states and 17 other countries.  We have for years been asked if the owners themselves could book one of TB tours as they enjoyed watching our travels.  Well now is the time as we are organizing a Geocacher Group Tour of Ireland for March 2014.  We still have a few seats left, check out the details at

Maxine Brown
MaxB on the River


Lynette Miller said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing and best of luck, MaxB on your new real travel geocaching adventures!

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Koz's mom said...

Nicely done and so fun to watch the tour group on its many journeys. Can't wait to jump on the bandwagon with you to Ireland!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Max B's is well known in the Chicago area. One of my own TB's was a guest at their lodge and had it's picture taken on their deck.

Cristina Wilson said...

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