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Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking back at ~ The Best Guest Blogs Ever - Shell : LoveMy Guinness

I would like to introduce you to an inspiring geocacher and friend, Shell from LoveMyGuinness. She has a team behind her of all guys. Her devoted husband and two great sons (and one on the way boy/girl/twins?). I will tell you she doesn't take any crap so be warned but, underneath she's a great mother, wife, committed to a healthy and happy lifestyle of self sustainment and oh, by the way, one hell of a geocacher too. Stop by her blog The Sterling Boys for a real treat of excellent writing featuring the "not so ordinary" days in her life. She's really great and her husband is a big fan of my cache hides so he's got to be cool too. Enjoy!

The Sport of Geocaching

***This post was written for the CacheCrazy.Com Geocaching Blog.***

Yes, I said sport, because if you're doing it correctly, it's real work. I do, very much, believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to Cache. I have an unfathomable love for the sport, but that love is not unconditional. I'm covering two very important aspects here that seem to be overlooked frequently. Cache Ownership & Placement and Tradeable Goodies.

This is an example of a regular run of the mill cache.
A logbook and some other random crap that no one wants to keep.

After hunting this dangerous thing, I cannot begin to explain how disappointed my kids were at the items inside. Guys, you can do better than this! Regular cache maintenance is a MUST. I wish more people cared about it. Geocache Ownership is NOT about numbers. It's about QUALITY. Who cares if you've placed 65 caches, if they all look like this crap? That's a waste.

What's even worse is when I pull up to a cache and this is what I see... Really? Are you that hard up for a fix that you would diminish the very essence of Geocaching just to place some container in this slum hole so you can find it while you shop? For real? Yum. Just what I want to do with my family on a day off. Sift through garbage to find more garbage. The contents of the cache at this site were atrocious. A broken keychain, an eraser and a parachuting santa toy from 1980.
Geocaching, ideally, should be about discovering new amazing places that you didn't know about or haven't explored yet. They should contain things that people want to trade. This is how I enjoy seeing my family cache. Notice there aren't garbage piles, furniture dumps or broken glass.

These are places that I want my family to see....
They were well chosen by their Cache Owners for their beauty...

How could you not want to Cache in an awe-inspiring place like this?
Or this?
These are places that I want my family to remember.
These are the memories I am building for my children.
These are the areas that we need to protect and cherish.
I consider myself a fairly responsible Cache Owner. While I only own four, they are each placed with loving care for a reason. They are places my family enjoys and that we'd like to share with others. When they were placed, they were stuffed to the gills with brand new goodies. You don't need to spend a fortune for Tradeable Items. $20 at the Dollar Store will make you look like a hero. Check up on your caches every few weeks to bulk up the goodies, because sadly, there are way too many people who don't use the honor system. Brand new l.e.d. flashlight for a business card? Sometimes people make me shake my head in complete confusion.
These were the first 6 caches that we ever assembled and you know what?
We emptied 2 of them and divided the extra goodies amongst the other containers.
Why? ...

Because THESE are the people that are finding your caches.
I keep my caches as I would like my children to find them.
Full of Awesomeness and Adventure.

Please. Don't ruin their memories.
-Shell : LoveMyGuinness


Dodger said...

Yeah! I'm fired up now!!

LoveMyGuinness is right - is it really so hard to trade even or up? I actually find it satisfying to leave something even if I don't take anything. And you know what? I could probably do even better. Could you?

Thanks for the article!

Dan the Wodsman said...

I like the comment about leaving caches in the dumps. I mean common really? There are a thousand caches in my town, but I don't want to walk through a parking lot to find a cache...I want to walk through the woods!

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