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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to hide a Geocache – Bloodhounded Style – Part THREE the final.....

Notes from the author: I consider myself a Geocache Hider who likes to seek too. Hiding a geocache to me is my way of contributing something tangible to the game. A game piece, if you will, that with the proper maintenance can last for many years. There is only a small percentage of what I consider “Bad Caches” and even a smaller percentage of “Great Caches” in my opinion. The rest are average and with no disrespect to them or the cache owners (CO’s), boring! Want to hide a great cache? One that stands out over the rest? It’s not hard and in this three part series I will go through MY steps towards building, hiding, listing and owning a geocache, Bloodhounded style, as I actually prepare to set a real hide. Cool right? Let’s get started right away!

*note – you can build along with me and hide your cache as well, if you need any help just email me =)

 WARNING - If you live and seek anywhere around our World Headquarters you may find this series to be a bit of spoiler, so sorry about that. It’s in the name of education.

OK, we have to make up some time lost but let's start by going over what we wanted and what we actually have.

I wanted to have a map for the kids to use and make it with steps and paces - I have a link to a printable map on the cache page. I was unable to do it in steps and paces and did not incorporate a compass but it's still a work in progress.

I wanted to have an interactive map that you could get clues from and I did it.

I wanted to to have a cool story that would tell a tail about Captain Blacktail, check! (see below)

The cache was designed to take you to four stages and at each stage you would get a letter to unlock the word lock on the chest and the coords to the next stage. Done...

From the very beginning I wanted the cache to have a dog "type" name, pirate theme, use a treasure chest and fill it with cool swag that would relate to the story of the cache. check, check and check.

Do the cache page so it would be operational if you were using a smart phone or going paperless. Got it, I did all the text (except for the story) in HTML so it could be read on these types of devises.

I really wanted it to easy enough for kids to find but I did a trial with my youngest pup and she had a heck of a time. I think the stages are a solid 3 in difficulty and if you use the clues, a 2 at best but that's just me. 

 CacheCrazy.Com assistant, Andie
OK, enough of that, let's see some pictures taken at each of the stages. Now don't get all excited, I'm not going to throw out a bunch of spoilers but here are some photos of what you'll see from your ship on the sea of green. So climb aboard you land lover, we're casting off for a treasure hunt as led by my published coords (or soon will be), my trusty GPS'r (don't feel confident enough in the Droid yet to mark up and publish coords to a cache) and my trusty CacheCrazy.Com assistant, Andie whom which I just had a great time with and loved every minute of her "special" kind of humor. Thanks for coming on this special assignment for CacheCrazy.Com Andie, you're number one.

Let's climb aboard at stage one, the published coords. They were about 10 feet off but I still think they are the best. Andie didn't find it until I gave her the clue and then had to show her. It was tougher than I thought. 
This is the view from stage one. The camera does not do the view justice. 
Then we moved on to stage two and sailed our ship west to Leash Peninsula where we were treated to a beautiful view of the meadow pond and and nice angle on the Bay of Dogs. This stage gave Andie some fits. Once I reviled the clue she found it pretty quick.  
The meadow pond attracts all kinds of wild birds and habitat, it's beautiful.

We set our sails south and landed near a cool looking bunker of sorts (see Andie first picture). It was used by hunters and photographers but it appears it hasn't been used in some time. What a perfect place to hide a stage to a geocache. There were so many opportunities but once again, it took the clue to find the cache. So far I'm thinking the difficulty is a clear 3. From stage three you can see 
the marsh area and a lovely little spring creek that flows near by.
Beautiful fields of gold with little blue and white flowers are everywhere!
After stage three we sailed all the way to Rocky Island where stage four was waiting for us but where was it? On the way it was a lovely time of laughing, chatting and just getting to know my CacheCrazy.Com assistant better. I told her I was going to have to keep stage four a secret but I think she was trying to get to the truth of the matter.

Let me talk briefly about the longevity of a geocache. When you put this much effort into hiding a top notch cache, you're going to want to get a few years out of it. I figure three years is a good goal point that after which, you will have to make some big changes to keep it going, maybe not. Maybe it will last for six, sixteen or sixty years but not without effort. EVERYTHING needs to be weather proof. The coins of wood are woodburned and that will outlast the wood itself. The wire used is coated stainless steel, the cache container is sealed and watertight, the log all tucked in heavy duty ziplocks and even the treasure chest itself is warped in cammo burlap and placed into a Space Bag that has a check valve type system where it will let air out but not in. Then the entire Space Bag is warped and bound in cammo burlap again for "blending in" purposes. I also have a half hollowed tree section to place over the top of it to add yet another deflector of the elements. This puppy is going to last as long as the seeker takes the time needed to put it all back "exactly" the way they found it. I am confident in the design, the cammo, the final location and it lasting at least three years. If it gets muggled, I'll replace it and set up a game cam and catch that SOB if they come back again! 
We made some "wheat angles", laughed some more and then shoved off

Anyway, back to stage four and by far, the hardest stage.
As you approach Rocky Island you can clearly see the possibilities

And once you get close you know you're in trouble, ha, ha, ha.....
And  when your right on top of it the darn thing is invisible! This is GZ

The whole time I felt like someone or something was watching me.
The prize today for Andie was a perfect turkey feather and for me it was knowing that the coords are within 10 feet of the stage and final. A peace of mind that will be worth the extra day. The bonus here was I got a chance to spend some time with my biggest fan, one on one. And I really liked the outcome. You don't have to go hard core caching all the time.

 This is going to be the most fun, challenging, easy and beautiful location cache that you have done in a long time. One that the whole family can enjoy but the single cacher still has his hands full. There are signs that show where the Pheasants Forever group is managing this area as well. I'm tossed about informing them formally, with a letter and some info on what geocaching is. I'd include the support that Dave (damguy) from the Army Corp Of Engineers gives to geocaches in the park. Not to mention that the state of PA HAS DECLARED ALL STATE GAME LANDS ARE OPEN TO GEOCACHES WITHOUT PREVIOUS APPROVAL. Since the cache is totally on state game lands 119, I'm fine. Finally, if you remember, I had sent the coords to the GC reviewer and he cleared them. requires no review. It's built on the "trust" system. We'll see how long that lasts but I'm hoping to get "Grandfathered", lol.   

I will tell you that we did encounter hunters with their dog. They went on their way and we went on ours but there were shoots fired. Far down the field and we never felt in danger but this is their playground too. There is enough room for all of us to hunt. You just have to use common sense. For instance, if you start on your journey and you see 30 hunters, smoke or both, it's probably a good idea reschedule. There are a lot of caches in the area so if folks came from a distance they could still have a great day. 

Finally, the cachepage!
I won't go on and on about it but I feel it is the single most neglected part of putting out a geocache. You have the canvas given to you free of charge from both and is the best because you can express yourself. I set it up like a blog page. 

  • I have the intro with all the details in case someone just wants to cut to the chase. 
  • The treasure map
  • Helpful links section that offers the daily pirate joke OR a clue to a stage. There are some pirate coloring pages and a link to the poem that inspired the cache.
  • The story of Captain Blacktail
  • Some very cool graphics
  • Some warnings about the above
  • The clues to each stage
  • A full selection of attributes
  • AND of course, a nice big link to CacheCrazy.Com
I can't wait until it's published! Won't be long now.....
Getting everything warped up and ready for the final placement 

What is that "thing"?

A little homemade FTF action prize
All in all this was a great test run. Now we are just about ready to pull the triger, set it free and allow others to have fun. Not just an average cache but something special. Something that the seeker had to work for and earn. Finding the treasure chest for some kid out there will be a memory that will last forever. Maybe even shape a new geocacher to a better way to hide. Not saying that my way is the only way, not at all. There are many different styles that change from hider to hider. We all had our influences in this way or that from geocaches that we found. It's a better day in geocachings future when you place a quality hide. One that will withstand the test of time and provide enjoyment to many a cacher who dares to take the trip on the Sea of Green. Once the cache page is published, I'll share it here with the FTF log!
I will leave you with the story of The Salty Dog. If you need to, click on the story to control the size in your viewer. 

On Tuesday September 6th at 11:30 AM EST 
The Salty Dog is published! 

On Wednesday September 7th we have our FTF
Here is the FTF log


Shell said...

Can't wait until it's live! I might abandon Bingo for it. lolz

Love the new site look too!


Thanks Shell, great to see you here. It's going to be a great cache. One that I have been planning for a long time. I'll look for you in the log but don't give up on BINGO, lol!
I posted a few extra pics of the final and the FTF prize. Have fun!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

AWESOME! We are going to have to plan a trip east to do this. BTW- you have a gorgeous assistant!

BigAl said...

BH, this is an Out of this World cache. I cannot wait to be able to go search for it. If it is published, and I have the chance, I'm going for the FTF. Even if I don't get it it will still be worth finding. It has been great following this adventure and I can't wait to do mine. (And I might need some help with it. If I do I'll contact you.)

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