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Monday, January 27, 2014

How to hide a Geocache – Bloodhounded Style – Part TWO

Notes from the author: I consider myself a Geocache Hider who likes to seek too. Hiding a geocache to me is my way of contributing something tangible to the game. A game piece, if you will, that with the proper maintenance can last for many years. There is only a small percentage of what I consider “Bad Caches” and even a smaller percentage of “Great Caches” in my opinion. The rest are average and with no disrespect to them or the cache owners (CO’s), boring! Want to hide a great cache? One that stands out over the rest? It’s not hard and in this three part series I will go through MY steps towards building, hiding, listing and owning a geocache, Bloodhounded style, as I actually prepare to set a real hide. Cool right? Let’s get started right away!

*note – you can build along with me and hide your cache as well, if you need any help just email me =)

 WARNING - If you live and seek anywhere around our World Headquarters you may find this series to be a bit of spoiler, so sorry about that. It’s in the name of education.

Hi folks and welcome back. Let's  review part one of The Salty Dog series; We looked at the conception and assembly of the physical cache container and the stage letters to unlock the treasure chest. We know the methodology behind the hide and now we are ready to go afield and start to gather waypoints for the stages and the final. Make yourself a small worksheet to stay on track and write down the waypoint, land mark and sketch out the general map. We’ll have a better idea if being able to do coords, orienteer and general treasure mapping with landmarks will be possible once we get out to the general area.

  • Bring a print out of the satellite map, a pen, GPSr and some general supplies. I brought lunch and laid it out at the picnic table. I even met an interesting angler, "Hello Jerry, how they biting?".
I am going to place The Salty Dog on PA state game lands. There should be no issue with the reviewer because there is one other cache in this general area and we won’t be near that one. You may want to send some general coords in an email to your reviewer BEFORE you proceed. It’s always comforting that you have the “green light” before you put a lot of time and effort into the cache placement only to find out that you are blocked by the reviewer for various reasons.  I plan to list this cache on both and under the same name. Why not, it’s a free country and there are no opencaching caches in this area so someone has to start. It may as well be old rebellious Bloodhounded to kick off this party. Good healthy competition keeps everyone honest, right?

(I would reveal my actual work sheet however, I don’t want to give it all away but, I can assure you it had notes, scribble and stuff on there, it’s a tool)

Park your vehicle and turn on your GPS’s or your app on your phone. To mark that waypoint follow your devices instructions and mark it for the parking coords. Make sure to write them down so you can just continue without saving and all that stuff (you’ll be back later to do that anyway). Move on and begin to explore the area you selected to hide it. You’re looking for neat and/or unusual areas that qualify for cool stages.  As you find them mark the waypoint. You might be well served to do three to five waypoint marks and then take the average for any one specific location. Be sure to set the waypoint right on the intended stage. The GPS signal will naturally create the challenge along with a clever hide. Write them down in succession, one after the next and take notes while you do as to any distinctions or something that will draw the seeker if you use a landmark. Later, I’ll use Google Earth and plug in all of the set waypoints and view it from an aerial. That will be the foundation for my treasure map.

With all of your waypoints in hand it’s time to go back 
around and check your work. You might think you nailed it but, I can tell you from personal experience, check them! I once was off 100 meters on the final because I goofed up the numbers. The FTF hounds were ready to flog me. Rookie error, don’t make it. Set out just as if you were the seeker. First, clear all the waypoints for the cache and start from scratch. Plug the coords in from your notes and start your check and balance. Knowing that your coords are spot on will allow you to rest assured that the cache is ready and any additional work you do now will not change. It’s a small investment of time considering that you are placing this cache for years of use. Make adjustments as needed and you’re done for now.

Now, I’m going to woodburn the coords to the next stage into each of the letters so that when you find them, they will lead to the next stage. Notice I switched from the Scrabble piece to a wooden coin, there was not enough room on the small square for the cords to be done well. Sometimes you have to improvise and switch things up. The goal is that the seeker can read it for years to come.
First we have to set a coord on the cache page and in this case it will be to stage one. The coords on the back of stage one will take you to stage two, the coords on the back of stage two will take you to stage three and so on.  It sounds easier than it is. Don’t mess it up. This is where your written notes and cords come in handy.  Also, I am going to take a shot at creating the treasure map. On the cache page you will have the option get a spoiler map that the kids could use. They will have fun following along and maybe just have the clue???? I love treasure maps and this to me will be the so much fun!

Take a look through the glass bottom of my pirate ship and get a preview of the treasure map that is currently at the bottom of The Sea Of Green. I will offer an interactive hyper linked map that shows clues when you click on certain places and a printable version to bring along for the kids.


 This is the actual cache location captured on Google maps and modified with Picnic. Pretty cool!

Let's get out there now and set this cache! Here is what I have in my pack:
  • ·         Stages one through four
  • ·         Craft wire
  • ·         Multi tool
  • ·         Superglue (weatherproof gorilla superglue)
  • ·         Treasure map (mark up version)
  • ·         First aid kit  (remember, hiding can be more dangerous than finding)
Remember to follow your waypoints now. The GPSr will be your guide from stage to stage. I actually had to go back and do stage four over again because it was off several meters. That means start another coin, wood burn it, seal it and prep it for hiding, it was a setback. Oh well, another lesson learned. It’s important to make it right.

Now that we have all of our stages and final in their proper places, it’s time to take a breather, review your work, have a beverage of choice and get some rest. The hard work will pay off in the long run. Oh yes, I said hard work. This isn’t easy to do it well, you have to think, sweat and execute the best possible hides that will last the test of time and lead the seeker to the treasure.

Next week we'll build the cache page, insert the pics and publish the listing.
Are you as excited as I am? 
We’ll have our FTF before you know it! 

I am excepting ideas and /or stories for the cache page to be posted with the cache description. Remember, it's captain Blacktail (the good dog) and captain Pugface (the bad dog) who's after the treasure to claim it his. Have fun and cache crazy!

Go right to part III HERE


BigAl said...

Man, I can't believe I have to wait until next week to see the finished product. I hate waiting. Oh well, life will go on and I'll wait. This is really a fun learning experience for me. I might have mentioned in the last post that I am making a series too. I can't wait to put this stuff into practice. Thanks a bunch. Until next week....

BigAl said...

Question: How far between caches is too far for this sort of series?


That's a great question.
The coords that are used for stage one is the only coord to really be concerned with as far as I know. That one and the final are the only two coords that I submit to the reviewer. I just use common sense after that.


I guess to answer your question better, if you have to get in your car to go to another location, that's too far for a stage series but not a cache series.
A stage series like this one should be a pleasant walk no more than .30 in my view however, others may say different.
In a cache series where each individual cache has a clue to the final or puzzle cache, there really isn't any distance that is off limits but I would think the series should be able to be completed in a few hours. Again, there are many variations of this.
In The Salty Dog, no stage is more than .10 from the other because it's primarily designed for youngsters (of all ages).

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