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Friday, January 31, 2014

Geocaching in Europe ~ By the Mary Johnson ~ The Traveling Geocacher

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As we all know, geocaching is a great way to discover fabulous new locations all around the world. With your GPS device in hand you will be able to discover countless hidden treasures whilst having fun with your family and friends. Europe offers some of the best geocaching territories, taking avid adventurers to a whole host of unforgettable cities where the opportunity to go sightseeing is always an additional plus. With this in mind, here is my little guide to geocaching in Europe.

Combine geocaching and sightseeing

When going on a geocaching trip the choice of wonderful places to visit in Europe is simply endless. Why not combine a week’s European holiday with your geocaching adventure? In this way, you will be able to indulge in all of the usual vacation activities such as sightseeing, fine dining and soaking up a little sun, whilst engaging in your recreational passion.

I recommend that you devote a number of hours per day to finding your desired geocache and the rest of your time exploring the fabulous city in which you find yourselves. Subsequently, geocaching offers a great excuse to see some of the world’s most beautiful European cities.
Hunting for the most found, the first, the “City of love” and the most historic geocache in Europe:

1) Prague

This splendid city is home to two of the most found traditional geocaches in the world. Would you expect it? They are situated just beyond the city’s stunning Charles Bridge, one of the Czech capital’s most famous landmarks in this widely visited destination. Both geocaches are not really hard to find, they are located in well-known tourist places and are also well maintained. If you are considering our suggestion and wondering whether you can afford the trip, don't worry: hotel listing websites like often offer hotels at discounted rates in Czech Republic - especially during the summer.
Geocache 1: Prague bridges 1 - Karluv most: GC189E5 
Geocache 2: cache name = Terezka: GC14WV8

2) Dublin
The Irish capital of Dublin is not only a great city for sightseeing but it is also a fantastic location for those wishing to combine their vacation with geocaching. The city is home to a number of popular micro geocaches which often take visitors off the standard beaten tourist path allowing them to really explore and admire this phenomenal city. Do you know when geocaching first appeared in Europe? In June of 2000. And do you know where it was hidden? In Ireland, south of Dublin!
Europe’s First: GC43 

3) Paris
According to a study by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the most popular tourist destination is France. When in France, visiting Paris, known as the “City of Love” is an absolute must! A geocache called Arc de Triomphe was placed in an excellent location in 2008 and its not very hard to find.
Arc de triomphe: GC18TKN 

4) Berlin
Germany’s delightful capital city is home to one of the world’s most historic geocaches hunted by enthusiasts from all around the globe. Slightly harder to locate, Berlin’s first geocache was hid twelve years ago and has had to evolve alongside the landscape. Stealth and agility are required to find this hidden treasure.
Geocaching is an excellent way to discover any European city. You will find yourselves navigating striking tourist attractions and landmarks as you hunt for that elusive treasure proving that geocaching and sightseeing really do make for the perfect vacation!
First Berlin Cache: GC2EB4 

About the Author:  Hello, my name is Mary Johnson (Bloodhounded calls me "The Traveling Geocacher") and I am a web writer and a world traveler. I love nature and animals, books and foreign languages, I enjoy talking to people in their language even though sometimes all I know is just a few words, I like travelling on my own and also with someone else. I also enjoy adventures and exciting challenges that, I believe, make my personality grow.


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Great post Mary! I hope to see more of your adventures here at CacheCrazy.Com! Thanks! BH

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Great post Mary! I hope to see more of your adventures here at CacheCrazy.Com! Thanks! BH

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