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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Ask The Wise Old Walking Stick

I had the good fortune to convince the wise old walking stick to answer some questions from our readers. Send your question here and he may share wisdom with you!

Mary from Seattle asks: "I have been caching for three years and although I started strong, I have been in a caching slump lately. Will this pass or am I finished with geocaching?"

Wise Old Walking Stick says: "Don't worry Mary, your enthusiasm for geocaching will return to you and you'll be back on the trail in no time. Like all relationships, they are filled with ups and downs but in the end, your love for nature, exercise and adventure will get you going."

Barry from NYC asks: "I saw your article on items in your geopack. Why do geocachers carry all those tools with them? I thought all you needed was a GPS (or cell phone enabled app) and a computer?"

Wise Old Walking Stick says: " One never knows what they will face while geocaching. Flashlights, tweezers, compass, first aid supplies, other miscellaneous items and of course a walking stick are all part of the geocachers "tools". They are have a specific purpose and place in the game. Let me put it this way, if play football in the yard with the kids with just a football BUT if you are playing in the NFL, you'll need a lot more than a football to be successful or you will not have a good time. Same goes for geocaching.  



George said...

That stick looks very familiar for some reason... :)

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Oh man, did I get a great question today for the wise old walking stick! I have to blog it soon. This might turn into a sidebar feature! Two great emails today, thanks guys!
And George, I bet it looks familiar, I'm sure your proud to own it! And he's wise, very wise, and never wrong!

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