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Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm Disabled!

I was just minding my own business the other day when a nice 8 point buck walked by. He stopped, looked around and scratched his head and then he spoke to me. This was our conversation.

Buck: Hey, what you up to?
Symbol of Peace: Nothing, I'm just sitting around.
Buck: Oh I see. You seem a little chipper today.
Symbol of Peace: Well I am. You see my owner has disabled me due to a certain season that is approaching.
Buck: Why did he do that?
Symbol of Peace: He was thinking of all the Geocachers who might be searching for me and he wants them to have a safe and happy time so he disabled me for a short time.  And what are you doing?
Buck: Well I'm getting ready to vacate the premises due to the same season.
Symbol of Peace: I understand that fully. I know that people will be able to come visit me AFTER the season, but I'm afraid they'll be looking for you DURING the season.
Buck: Yeah, that's why I'm vacating the premises. I heard that last year my cousin Big Boy ended up on some guys wall.

Symbol of Peace: Wow! You know what I can't understand?
Buck: What's that?
Symbol of Peace: Why Geocachers just don't stay out of the woods for those two weeks. I mean the caches will still be there after the season.
Buck: Yeah, it wouldn't hurt them to come back later and look for you.
Symbol of Peace: But I know that some folks just can't resist searching for Geocaches so I hope they at least wear orange when they are in the same woods as the hunters.

Buck: So does your owner do this every year?
Symbol of Peace: Yep, that way a new Geocacher who looks me up online will see that I am disabled, and why, and he'll come back at a later time to find me. I just wish more owners would do the same thing.
Buck: Well I'd better get packing if I plan on getting out of here at all. I'll see you in two weeks.
Symbol of Peace: I sure hope so. By the way, why don't you take those things off of your head. I'll bet that might save you for the first week.

Seriously folks, if you have caches that are in the same woods as where hunters will be please disable them during these two weeks of deer season. These two weeks are when the most hunters will be in the woods looking for that big buck or that sweet looking doe so they can feed their families this next year. You may not like hunting, but then some people don't like Geocaching either. Just be courteous and safe at the same time.

Also, please wear orange while you are in the woods. Don't be like the guy who was recently seen walking in the woods wearing a puffy black jacket during bear season. It's just not worth it. We can all get along if we try and we'll all enjoy our sport for years to come.

Thanks, and happy hunting whether it be for deer or Geocaches.


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