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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hooked anyone lately?

By Big Al

If you're not sure what I'm talking about then read on.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and let your immagination soar.

Several weeks ago my family and I went to Ohio for a funeral. When we arrived I found out my brother and his wife were in from Florida. They had brought their oldest daughter and her 3 year old son with them. He had never played in the snow before so I knew this was going to be fun.

Over the next several days as we visited I shared with them all about Geocaching and how much fun it was. They had seem my many posts on Facebook about the fun I have had while out with my family in search of Geocaches. That was when it happened. My neice began to ask me some questions about Geocaching. Now I’m not going to pass up a chance to share my love of this sport so I proceeded to answer them. (I began to see the bobber moving a little bit.) I explained in more detail about how to look for a cache and the thought process that goes into hiding them. Then I talked about Travel Bugs, Geocoins, and SWAG. (Did I see that bobber go under just a bit?) I talked to her about the fact that this is a wonderful way to get the family outside and have some fun. Now that I had her full attention I went to and showed her a cache page of a cache that was not too far from my sisters house. (I could tell she was beginning to take the bait.) We ate our dinner and then I visited with my other family members. My neice then told me she had signed up for an account. (The bobber was really starting to bob now.) I then asked her if she wanted to go out with my boys and me to see if we could find the cache I had showed her earlier. She gave a resounding YES. We got in my car and headed out.

When we got to the spot I showed her how to use my GPS and then we parked and began our search. It did not take too long before we had found the cache. We let her sign the log first and I could see the excitement building in her eyes. (The bobber went all the way under. She went straight to the bottom with the whole hook, line and sinker.) BAM! Another Geocacher is hooked. She immediately wanted to look for another one. I then led her on to two more caches before going back to my sister’s house. I showed her how to log her finds and she had to call her husband and explain it to him. She said she could not wait to go out again. We talked about TB’s and I told her I had a couple of extra tags with me and I could give her one if she wanted it. She was elated. We went out shopping and we both found a nice item to send out as a TB. We went home and created the pages for them and decided we would send them out the following day.

Tony the Tiger and The Travel BUG
The next day was Saturday and we deicded to take her son and my two boys over to the park and go sledding. We had borrowed some winter boots and clothes from a cousin for her son to use. For some reason they don’t use these types of clothes in Florida. Seems odd to me. We arrived at the park and took her son up the hill with a sled and let him and my son go down together. Wow! Talk about screaming with excitement. This little guy could not wait to go down again. The kids went down the hill over and over again. Then this big guy, me, went down too. I could not let them have all of the fun. I’ve never seen one little boy be so happy. My little grandnephew could have stayed much longer, but my boys had forgotten their gloves and hats so we decided to call it quits. But then I remembered there was a cache right over near the picnic area so I let my niece find that one too.

We went home and ate lunch. Then my niece put her son down for a nap and we headed out for some more caches. This time we were going for some bigger caches that I was sure would have some SWAG in them. We all took along some trade items and headed out. We got to the first place and headed into the woods. This one called for some serious bushwhacking. We finally found it and we noticed it was frozen in the ground. It took some time to loosen it up, but we did get it out, and it only cost me one knife blade. There was not much in it other than a log book so I left a few items. Then it was off to the next one. This one was a little more challenging, but we did find it. As we approached it I could see the ammo can and now I was excited. We opened it up and it was overflowing with SWAG. We let my niece go through it first and choose what she wanted to keep. We both dropped off our TB’s and then we headed on to the next cache. My niece said she could not believe how much trouble the cache owner went through to put the cache where they had put it. They had brought a Christmas tree all the way out in the woods and planted it. That is if you can plant a fake tree. At the next cache we thought we might not find it and then I spotted it. This one took a little more experienced cacher to find. We all signed the log and then headed towards our last one of the day.

The last one was special because it was in a cemetery and it was hidden in honor of a guy named Jon who was awaiting a heart transplant. This guy had purchased a GPS, but was just too sick to go out. The CO hid the cache and the person he was honoring, Jon, passed away the day after it was published. He never got his chance to go out and find his own cache. Well my youngest son found this one first and we left some neat “heart themed” items. We went home and logged our finds and then I decided to release a Geocoin in honor of my brother who had passed away too. After all, he was the reason we had all gotten together.

Stargazers3378, Cacheking1998, Bigaljr1693
Well I don’t want to leave this post in an emotional tone, so I’ll get back to the title of it. Hooked anyone lately? When was the last time you shared your love for Geocaching, and have you taken anyone out recently to find a cache or two? This is such a fun and exciting way to spend time with family and friends so get out there and set those hooks.


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