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Friday, December 6, 2013

Geocaching in the MOVIES

 Author's notes: So you're ready to do some geocaching but the weather is crap, don't fear! Find a geocaching movie and cache in on some entertainment. BH

I was thinking about getting pumped up for some caching by watching a cool geocaching movie. Unfortunately, most of the films that include geocaching have been either low budget, poorly done, or both. It is safe to say that none of the following films have been even close to receiving an Academy Awards nomination. Regardless, if you would like to get your geocaching fix through watching a few movies, here are a few to choose from.

Splinterheads - Out of the bunch “Splinterheads” had the largest budget to work with and is the only comedy on the list. Splinterheads tells the story of Justin Frost, a slacker whose life is turned upside down when a traveling carnival rolls in to town for the summer...
The geocaching segments of this film portray geocaching in a positive and accurate light. However, this film is rated “R” and is not suitable for families. Splinterheads can currently be watched for free on Hulu.

Find Me- Set in Present day, a senator with a controversial mission is threatened with the kidnapping, and possible death, of his son. Given only one alternative, he must decide between life and faith. The clock is ticking... Meanwhile, three college students stumble upon a geo-caching clue that may lead to the solution the senator is looking for.This film does have spiritual undertones but they are not overt. The plot seemed a bit confusing, as the weaving in of geocaching with the rest of plot didn't completely work.

G.P.S.- College friends embark on a GPS treasure hunt in search of money. Instead of finding buried treasure, they find a buried coffin that contains photos of a kidnapped woman and GPS coordinates that lead deeper into the forest. Are the photos real or part of a game?

Tracker- Tracker is an adventure thriller centered on the hobby of geocaching, that takes the characters on a complex hunt as they race against time to save the life of a loved one.”

Are You Scared 2- Dallas, Andrew, his girlfriend Taryn and Reese compose of the DNA Team in an Internet game where the objective is to find treasures in hidden caches. While searching the last treasure to beat the game's record score, they are chased by two psychopaths controlled by the sick owner of an underground site that is filming their movements and they have to fight to survive.

So let's pop some popcorn and get the best seat in the house while you take in a geocaching adventure right in the comforts of your own home. Have fun and no smooching back there!

Have you seen any of these “geocaching” movies? If so, what did you think?


Shell said...

The movie "Splinterheads" was actually the reason we created an account and found our first cache! However, after actually caching and knowing what to expect, I find the movie unrealistic. If she's pulling coords off the computer, she's got a description. How is she amazed by the container or location that is seemingly a half mile from where she was beating up her gps? lol Regardless, if you take it at face value, it was a decent movie and it got us really excited to try caching ourselves.

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I've only seen splinterheads. I thought the geocaching was pretty decent. It did have some needlessly crude jokes in it tho, which detracted from the enjoyment (not because its crude, but because its lazy writing - much better writing could be done). As a movie its meh, as a geocaching thing its better.

Pazzta Tali said...

Watching someone else go through something in movies similar to what we have experienced in our own life can give us clues as to how you can handle it in a different manner.
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